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Though it doesn't sound like the original cast is returning, it does seem the series will be pretty close to the plot of the movie.

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  • James Wan to produce I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot for Amazon.
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Right now, the project is being described as "a young adult horror series based on the Moritz-produced hit movie franchise. So far, no details about the series have been released, so it sounds like it's still in the very early stages. But if it's anything like the movie that came before it, it has potential. The original movie is about a group of friends who accidentally "off" a fisherman and try to forget it ever happened.

A year later, however, they get stalked by someone who knows their secret.

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Most of the reaction to the reboot is negative. Some people don't like the idea because they didn't like the original movie others because they're tired of remakes. Lucifer season 5: Everything you need to know. The Handmaid's Tale season 4: All you need to know.

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TWD fans delighted by one big episode 8 moment. Crisis on Infinite Earths gets explosive trailer. Walking Dead spin-off finally gets official title. Why does she have a southern accent when literally no one else in the movie does? Helen telling Julie that she misses her is making me so sad.

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Perform 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'

Forget the boys, this is the relationship I care most about in this movie. One of my greatest fears when I was younger was that someone was gonna cut my hair off in the middle of the night. The colour!

James Wan To Direct Pilot Of I Know What You Did Last Summer

The cut! The cowl!

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It's perfect. Julie, I thought you said you wanted to do the smart thing. Telling creepy Anne Heche what happened is not the smart thing.

He murdered David Egan, too! This bit where Helen is banging on the door of the shop, trying to get away from the killer, always scared me the most. Ray is literally swinging in on a rope to save the day. Posted on June 03, , GMT. Jenna Guillaume.

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