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The MySpace vampire application has almost 2 million members and werewolves have more than , users.

Vampires vs. werewolves: Fans continue to argue which is better | TCU

Keep in mind that Facebook and MySpace are just picking up and fueling the fire of an already popular argument, albeit a completely fictional one. Hollywood and the literary world have been debating this for as long as I can remember. There are countless books and movies that bring these predators to life in our imaginations. They were brought to life most recently in the literary world by Stephenie Meyer and her four-book Twilight series. Publishers Weekly hailed Meyer as one of the most promising writers of Bella is a mortal in love with Edward, the brooding and mysterious vampire in her high school biology class.

In each book, Bella finds herself in mortal peril because she has managed to befriend every mythical creature in Forks, Wash. Bella and Edward are just the latest in a long line of interspecies romances. The Underworld series is also another good example, and probably better for demonstrating the argument of who would win. In , we watched Kate Beckinsale portray the leather-clad vampiress, Selene, and her desperate attempt to save Michael Corvin, a werewolf, and her own kind.

According to the story, vampires and werewolves had been fighting for centuries with no end in sight. But Michael may be the key to the end of the war. At the end, Michael defeats the uber werewolf and Selene beats the ruling vampire.

Vampire Love is the Best Kind

And they all live happily ever after as mortals. Dracula and his wives are portrayed as the epitome of every sexual desire, whereas the werewolf is not. The werewolf is out of control, wild and dangerous. But Dracula has always been a seducer of women. Going back to Bram Stoker, the vampire has used his powers to lure, seduce and bite women, preying on their weaknesses and desires.

There are many different types of vampires according to Monstrous. But not all of them suck blood. Most people who are vampires just want to have control of people, not their blood. It centers around the passionate connection between mortal Erin Hamilton and vampire Dante Gabriel, a romance which spans time and planes of existence. Undefeated is the fifth volume in this epic saga, and follows Dante as he returns to the prison where he was imprisoned for ten years.

There, Dante is determined to confront his female captor, a woman who has crowned herself queen. Erin must trust that Dante is strong enough to stay safe on his voluntary return-trip to Hell. But as Dante manipulates his captor in an effort to free those still under her influence, he feels new, dark powers surging within him which he may not be able to control. If the queen threatens Erin in any way, Dante will have to unleash the full might of his new abilities — leading to a battle which can only end in bloodshed.

If you like high-stakes no pun intended vampire stories that are steamy and emotionally complex, Undefeated will suck you in. Dark Lover is the first book in J.

In fact, Wrath is the only purebred vampire left, and he sets out to get revenge on the savage killers who murdered his parents centuries ago. Since Dark Lover hit shelves in , Ward has released nearly 20 titles in her sexy paranormal series. For readers who fall for Dark Lover, there is a wealth of other books about the Brotherhood out there with which to feed your obsession. Lady Drake is determined to do whatever she must to save her family — including giving her body to the aloof Duke of Greystone.

Top 10 Romance Anime With Vampire-Human Relationship [HD]

With Lady Drake as his sexual plaything, the Duke of Greystone may be able to forgive and forget her brother's gambling debt. But she must keep her inherited ability to shapeshift into a dragon a secret from the duke, no matter how much he may lower Lady Drake's defenses.

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And the deviant duke has an ulterior motive of his own. A vampire and famed dragon-killer, the duke also knows the secretive Drake family is hiding the truth about his missing nephew. If he can gain Lady Drake's confidence, he may discover his nephew's whereabouts — and if he and Lady Drake enjoy themselves in the meantime, then so be it.

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Page was also nominated in for Career Achievement in Erotic Romance by RT Book Reviews — so she knows what she's doing when it comes to sexy bloodsuckers. The first book in an action-packed YA paranormal romance series, Dead After Dark introduces Solange Drake, the only daughter in an elite vampire family. On her 16th birthday, Solange knows that — like her brothers before her — she'll begin the painful transformation into an immortal vampire.

Until then, she wants to focus on just being a normal teenager and spending time with her mortal best friend Lucy.

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If only brooding anti-vampire activist Kiernan Black would stop hanging around, maybe Solange could temporarily forget about her upcoming transformation. But when Solange is abducted by rival vampires, all hopes of normalcy are dashed — and she'll have to rely on Lucy, Kiernan, and her brothers if she wants to live long enough to die.

The inspiration for the hit show True Blood , the Sookie Stackhouse series centers around its namesake character, a telepathic girl from Bon Temps, Louisiana. Bill and Sookie joins forces to hunt down a serial killer terrorizing their small town, which has plenty of paranormal secrets of its own. Ass-kicking outlaw hunter, and half-Vampire, Raven Black is partnered with vampire Christian Poe to fight crime for secret organization Keystone, and the two clash from the start.

But the loathing they feel starts to turn to another L-word: lust.

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Unfortunately, Keystone has a strict no-fraternizing policy that might sexually frustrate readers as much as the two main characters in this three-book series. Dark's red-hot, imaginative romances have earned her countless loyal fans. Her work has been recognized with an AudioFile Earphones Award, and she was nominated for an Audie Award for best Paranormal audiobook.

Guilty Pleasures , the first installment of the Vampire Hunter series, is a cult favorite that follows necromancer Anita Blake as she raises and kills the undead, solving gruesome murder mysteries along the way. If you like your hot paranormal romance woven into deep world building and legendarium, this is the book series for you.

The first three Dark Stranger books focus on the relationship of immortal Kian and Syssi, a possible descendant of the gods. Scottish vampire Kian is reluctant to even meet Syssi at first, but once they come into contact, the fireworks are undeniable. In the first book, two Dhampirs, Rose and Dimitri, work up a sweat as they fight evil vampires Strigoi side by side. The sparks start to fly, until a shocking twist shatters their budding romance.

Vampire Academy is the first book in a steamy six-book series.

50 Must-Read Werewolf Romance Books

The first novel was adapted for a feature film in , but the novels are still the definitive version of this paranormal high school romance. This spin-off to Vampire Academy inhabits the same world from the first series, but it revolves around Alchemist Sydney Sage and her often-fraught relationship with Moroi vampire Adrian Ivashkov. As much as accountant Amanda Devereaux wants a normal life, she knows that can never happen when she wakes up handcuffed to a smoking hot and emotionally wounded vampire named Kyrian.

Author Sherrilyn Kenyon uses humor mixed with Greek mythology and fairy tales to construct a story that holds the fate of the world in one hand and the passions of two paranormal beings in the other.