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Sign in to see the full collection. Hard knocks and hunger taught Faith Duffy not to believe in love. Still, when she married her very wealthy—and very old—husband, she became the perfect wife. And then he went to that big bank in the sky, leaving Faith with lonely nights, a pile of money, and a total mess of a pro hockey team. Heck, Faith doesn't even watch hockey!

But most of America and half of Canada is watching Ty Savage. His lethal sex appeal and deadly right hook make him the favorite of fans.

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For most of Ty's life, he's dreamed of winning the Stanley Cup. The last thing he needs is a bimbo messing up his plans. Faith loathes Ty on sight, but she can't stop thinking about him all day. Then a moment of temptation ends with Faith in Ty's bed, and she begins to see there's more to him than sex appeal. Ty discovers there's far more to Faith than beauty and billions. But a relationship with Faith is impossible, and falling in love—that would be a disaster. Fiction Romance. Publisher: HarperCollins Awards:. Kindle Book Release date: April 28, Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget.

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You've reached the maximum number of titles you can currently recommend for purchase. Your session has expired. Please sign in again so you can continue to borrow titles and access your Loans, Wish list, and Holds pages. If you're still having trouble, follow these steps to sign in. Besides, after five years of dating in New York City, I was aching for someone who knew the real me and who loved me when I was a dorky teen with a Justin Timberlake obsession. After a flurry of FaceTimes and late-night calls just like way back when, John said he was coming to Manhattan for business - and to see me.

The first three days were spent in a bliss cocoon. I felt 17 again and giddily in love. All of John's typical teenage boy "feelings are stupid" vibes were gone, replaced by a steady and sure, grown-ass man. On day four, we had a wine-soaked dinner with his business partners, all friends since their frat days. The boys joked and teased each other in good fun, but things took a turn when John ribbed his partner Brian over his failed first marriage. In an instant, there was the sound of shattering glass.

John had lobbed his water glass at the wall, nearly hitting a waitress. Before anyone could react, he stalked out of the restaurant and into the humid summer night.

We sat there, stunned and horrified. Had that just happened? You always have, and I know I don't deserve it. You're my angel, and I. I love you. Even when we were dating, he'd never said it.

Unbreak My Heart: Stories of True Love and Disaster

Maybe part of him knew that this was exactly the right time to drop those three words to reel me back in. And I'm sad to say it worked. I put the incident behind us and spent the next week back in a happy ish bubble with him. The night before John was set to leave, we had a long talk.

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He asked me to move back to LA with him, and I found myself saying yes. It all just seemed perfect, right? I mean, Brian probably knew better than to tease John about his hair. Who could blame him for flipping out, right? I actually laughed, because I couldn't believe it was true. A few weeks ago, John and I were already talking again. And even if we weren't, my best friend slept with my first love? Was I hallucinating? Was this happening? I don't even fully remember what John said next, I was too disgusted to even hear him.

Something about running into her after too many beers and only wanting her because she reminded him of me. That's when suddenly, while sitting on the bed in the Gramercy Park Hotel, it all became so painfully clear: John had not changed. He was still the same thoughtless, reckless, violent guy everyone else recognized him as. Only now he was just dressed up in a fancy suit. And he definitely didn't love me. If he did, he'd at least have had the courtesy to cheat with strangers instead of my best friends.

And even worse, I had to ask myself whether or not I had changed. Or was I basically just the same smitten teenage girl willing to make excuses for her obviously bad-news boyfriend, all in the name of some juvenile fairy-tale ending? I answered myself by walking out of John's hotel without uttering one more word to him - and haven't since. I blocked his number and told my friends to do the same.

True Disaster

At least, the mutual friends I had left; Erin weepily apologized when confronted, but I couldn't bring myself to stay friends with her. Just like when I was 17, I'd lost the guy and the girl. Looking back, I realized that life isn't - and shouldn't be - a rom-com plot. And getting caught up in the mythology of your first love can be a recipe for disaster. On one hand, yes, timing really is everything. But it's called a breakup because it's broken. So from now on, I'll keep my recycling to paper and plastic - not men! Related video: These are the warning signs that mean it's time to end a friendship provided by Buzz Buzz60 Dog learning to talk by using a custom soundboard to speak Stella's owner, a speech-language pathologist, says the dog already knows 29 words and can form phrases People The Queen only has make-up help once a year The Queen only has her make-up professionally done once a year.

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