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At the pharaoh's palace, Aaron, the better speaker, triumphantly tells the pharaoh of Moses's encounter with God, excluding the detail about the bush.

Time Warped

When the pharaoh asks for proof, Aaron tell Moses to bring out the stick. Moses reveals that he forgot the stick and tries to convince the pharaoh of the Lord's magic through parlor tricks. They are kicked out promptly and find that an angry crowd of slaves have just been sentenced to double the work due to the pharaoh's displeasure with Aaron and Moses. Moses tells Aaron to talk with them. When Aaron tries to talk, he is stoned by the slaves. Moses is again instructed by the Lord to have Aaron tell the pharaoh of the plagues that will descend upon Egypt if the pharaoh doesn't release the slaves.

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This is spoiled when Moses, after the pharaoh asking the form the Lord takes, tells him that he is a great bush. Aaron and Moses are again thrown out. Aaron then sings a song to the Lord about why he chose an idiot like Moses to be his messenger.

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As Egypt is run with plague, Moses and Aaron speak to the pharaoh again. The pharaoh's wife pleads with him to listen to them, which works, and the pharaoh tells Moses to tell the Lord he gives up. After Moses and Aaron leave, the plaque stops. As the duo speak to the slaves about their triumph, one slave asks about where they will go now that they are free. Having no idea, Moses leaves to ask God, which leaves Aaron alone to be stoned by the slaves again. Meanwhile, the pharaoh tells his wife that he has changed his mind. Aaron finds Moses roasting a marshmallow on the burning bush.

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  • The bush then says to Moses that they have to tell the pharaoh that the first born children will be killed unless the slaves are really freed. After Aaron, with anger and annoyance, tells the pharaoh, he tells Moses that he is sick of the unfair treatment he has had and leaves Moses on his own. When plague once again rages on Egypt, Moses tries to speak to the Pharaoh with Aaron secretly watching in the shadows , but fails miserably.

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    After the Pharaoh sings a song about how better he thinks he is compared to everyone, Aaron realizes that, no matter how much better someone is at performing a skill, no one is greater than God. Aaron tells off the pharaoh and the pharaoh finally lets the slaves free. The slaves, along with some of the pharaoh's guards, start their journey to salvation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources.

    Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In Time Warped , Claudia Hammond… has a steady touch in conveying the research, adding user-friendly charm even to exhaustive descriptions of the mechanics of boredom.

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    A chapter on visualization is particularly intriguing. An engaging, well-paced ride through the worlds of psychology, biology and neuroscience. Claudia Hammond's style balances in-depth analysis with absorbing anecdote. Don't be put off by the science writer tag, the tales of hostage victims and base-jumping adrenaline junkies keep you turning the pages. Reading this is definitely time well spent. Top Sante Magazine. Claudia's first book Emotional Rollercoaster: A journey through the science of feelings was published in in hardback by Fourth Estate and in paperback in by HarperPerennial.

    Emotional Rollercoaster has been translated into six languages. Anger, sadness, fear, disgust - human feelings can be unsettling, but far from being a sign of weakness, riding the emotional rollercoaster could prove beneficial.