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You like that article, share it:. Email Print WhatsApp. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Maas books? How to read Jim Butcher's Dresden Files? Follow Us Facebook Twitter. Last Reading Guides. The author of seven Hugo-nominated novels and winner of three Hugo awards for best novella, two of which are part of the Laundry Files series, Stross's works have been translated into over twelve languages.

As the owner of degrees in pharmacy and computer science, he graduated as the world's only academically qualified cyberpunk writer just as cyberpunk died. Today he describes his job as telling lies for money and tormenting his imaginary friends. Du kanske gillar. Rule 34 Charles Stross Pocket. Iron Sunrise Charles Stross Pocket. Dark State Charles Stross Inbunden. Spara som favorit. His position as head of Counter-Possession Unit was actually secondary to his position as Private Secretary, and that position's manager went all the way to the top.

The Apocalypse Codex (Laundry Files) by Charles Stross

Publishers Weekly was somewhat mixed in their review saying "though the characters all tend to sound the same, and Stross resorts to lengthy summary explanations to dispel confusion, the world he creates is wonderful fun. Stross states that his inspiration for the spy in these novels is closer to the out-of-place bureaucrats of Len Deighton than to the James Bond model.

He also mentions that when he began writing the series in , he chose as villains "an obscure but fanatical and unpleasant gang who might, conceivably, be planning an atrocity on American soil"; but that by the time the novel was to be published in late , Al-Qaeda was no longer obscure, so he chose a different group to use in the novella. In the afterword to the Science Fiction Book Club 2-in-1 edition of The Atrocity Archives and The Jennifer Morgue , Stross notes that friends warned him against reading the novel Declare while he was working on The Atrocity Archives due to the strong parallels between the two works.

Stross also mentioned the similarities between the novel and the Delta Green role-playing game, similarities referenced in the short story "Pimpf" included with The Jennifer Morgue ; Delta Green is also about elite government conspiracies working against villains who attempt to wield power derived from the Mythos, as well as rival conspiracies. The collection is a sequel to the stories published in The Atrocity Archives. Billington, the billionaire antagonist of the book, intends to repeat a CIA attempt to raise a sunken Soviet submarine in order to access the Jennifer Morgue, an occult device that allows communication with the dead, in spite of the hazard of awakening the Great Old Ones.

Bob Howard thwarts this attempt. Where 's The Atrocity Archives is written in the idiom of Len Deighton , The Jennifer Morgue is a pastiche of Ian Fleming 's James Bond novels [8] and refers to the real-life Project Azorian incorrectly named by the press as Project Jennifer ; Stross also uses footnotes and narrative causality , two literary devices common in the novels of Terry Pratchett.

The Fuller Memorandum is the third novel in the Laundry series of novels, published in As in the previous novels, the protagonist is Bob Howard, an agent for the intelligence agency known as the Laundry. The title is derived from General J. Fuller , military theorist, right-wing intellectual occultist, and an associate of Aleister Crowley , and also a reference to the film The Quiller Memorandum.

The plot of the book revolves around an eponymous document which describes a supernatural entity, the Eater of Souls. The document and Howard's boss James Angleton go missing, and Howard must locate them.

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Angleton turns out to be involved in a struggle with cultist double agents inside the Laundry loyal to Nyarlathotep , who capture Howard and plan to bind the Eater of Souls into Howard's body in order to advance their goals. This fails because the Eater of Souls was already bound into Angleton's body decades ago by the predecessors of the Laundry; it has "gone native", aligning itself with the Laundry's goals and British values.

Charles Stross The Apocalypse Codex Part 02 Audiobook

Howard uses magic to raise the dead, using them to overcome the cultists. The Apocalypse Codex is the fourth novel in the Laundry series, published in In this novel, the protagonist Bob Howard, an agent for the intelligence agency known as the Laundry, is tasked with investigating American Televangelist Raymond Schiller, who seeks to gain influence in Britain. Bob finds out that Schiller, who preaches a quiverfull prosperity gospel , is serving a supremely dangerous supernatural entity and trying to bring about the end of the world.

The book introduces new allies for Bob: Persephone Hazard, a freelancing witch and secret agent, and Peter Wilson, a vicar and expert in biblical apocrypha. According to Stross, while the first three books in the series were written in the style of Len Deighton , Ian Fleming and Anthony Price , respectively, the fourth installment is written in the style of a Peter O'Donnell Modesty Blaise novel.

For future installments, Stross feels that "the series has acquired an identity and feel of its own", and does not intend to continue the pastiche motif. The Rhesus Chart is the fifth novel in the Laundry series, published in The novels follow the protagonist Bob Howard, an agent for the intelligence agency known as the Laundry.

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The Rhesus Chart plot describes an investigation into what appears to be vampire activity, despite the fact that people are almost suspiciously resistant to the idea that vampires could exist or be involved, which complicates the investigation. It transpires that elder vampires have been subtly mind controlling Laundry staff to convince them that vampires do not exist.

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A group of recently created vampires join the Laundry, and the two elder vampires in the book are destroyed, at the cost of the life of James Angleton, Howard's boss. The Rhesus Chart received a Kirkus Reviews starred review. The Annihilation Score is the sixth novel in the Laundry series, published in The protagonist is Dr. Dominique "Mo" O'Brien, the wife of Bob Howard, the protagonist of previous books in the series and also an agent for the intelligence agency known as the Laundry.

Mo is promoted to management, tasked to create an inter-agency department to coordinate between The Laundry and the police; two of the Laundry personnel assigned to her team are Ramona from The Jennifer Morgue and Mhari The Rhesus Chart , women who have history with her estranged husband Bob Howard.

She is also the holder of the powerful magical Erich Zahn bone violin that she calls Lecter. Lecter is increasingly asserting its power, including induced dreams that relate to The King in Yellow. She is unwillingly compelled to act in a police plot to control the minds of the British public in the interests of law and order, which it becomes clear will backfire, releasing the King in Yellow; she overcomes it, destroying Lecter in the process.

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The Nightmare Stacks is the seventh novel in the Laundry series, published in On a parallel-universe Earth , a species called Elves or alfar have evolved to be expert magic users. They have visited Earth in the past, from which comes a great deal of folklore. Civil war has left the Elves' home world uninhabitable and they plan to magically invade the Earth and make it their new home.

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To scout ahead, they send Agent First of Spies and Liars, the first daughter of the Elven King, who takes over the human identity of a student named Cassie. The Elves invade Leeds and threaten the British heartland with their powerful magic, but they are defenseless against non-magical human weapons and are defeated.