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The Werewolf before Christmas by Charles Payseur | Dreamspinner Press

As I mentioned above, I had a bit of difficulty getting into the story, but once I did…wow! I enjoyed it so much that I re-read it within 48 hours.

The Werewolf before Christmas - eBook

Ray AKA supervillain MantaRay was by far my favourite character, who was well written and exhibited traits that you would expect to see in an everyday person, such as his dislike for drama in his relationship, and his extreme love for the soap opera All My Werewolves. The storyline was well thought out and worked extremely well, and in the spirit of an alternate universe, was totally believable and the ending, satisfying.

I liked the fact that the title has a dual meaning, and thought that the way Payseur painted the supervillain community in a strangely positive light while almost mocking the one superhero, Tech Knight was original and fun.

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Definitely something different and well worth the read. Dreamspinner Press. Thanks for pointing out that there were stories in the same universe before this one. The one from last year was quite fun. High praise for a short story that has a two books preceding it. Sounds like quite the read. Thank you for the review! A Not So Silent Night. Director: Gerard Schmidt Country: U. Something for Everyone. Director: Harold Prince Country: U.

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    The Werewolf Before Christmas ( Advent Calendar-Stocking Stuffer) | Gay Book Reviews

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