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Oh, and Stephen King just gave the show his seal of approval so it has to be pretty creepy. Report Error.


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'The Haunting Of Hill House' Season 2 Is Going To Have An Even Scarier Ghost Story Than Season 1

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We spend most of our time with the grown-up, present-day Crains. Shirley Elizabeth Reaser is a mortician who lives in a funeral home with her husband and two children. The first episode of Hill House ends with a sting that sets the tone for the series. She killed herself in Hill House.

Some Go Haunting - Some Go Haunting

Steven, frightened, turns to face whoever or whatever is in his home. Nell, suddenly right behind him, begins to scream, her face contorting into a grey, deadly vision before she disappears. Lost in the depths of her mania, she flies from her Los Angeles home to just outside of Boston, back to Hill House, where she sees the ghost of her mother. Nell then wanders through Hill House in a dreamy trance. She sees the mirage of a happy family; she dances with her husband. Then she hangs herself from the same staircase where her mother plunged to her own death two decades earlier, under the influence of mental illness or ghosts — ghosts that may or may not exist, but they are wildly real to the women they break.

A sober Luke clinging desperately to the female friend he made in rehab, looking for whatever vestige of salvation he can find.

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Nell realizing she was the Break-Neck Lady all along, visions of her future suicide coloring the brighter days of her youth. Filmed in a series of continuous long takes, the episode is suffocating: We watch in real-time as the Crain siblings bite at their mutual insecurities and shared grief, and air out their anxieties.

Hill House makes great use of its setting and genre, with plenty of jump scares, ghouls, and gore to satiate horror fans.

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