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Love and relation not being one of them. Ellie is a lost soul looking to reinvent herself and connect with her new found siblings, while Jed is looking for atonement for his past deeds. Ellie and Jed are ridden with guilt and insecurities and if they have to have any kind of chance at a relationship, they need to learn to overcome their fears, forgive themselves and trust each other. This story would not be complete without deputy Dwag, a poor battered being. Even though this story deals with a lot of dark issues, the storytelling was anything but!

Slow Dance with the Sheriff is a really powerful story with a lot of depth and emotion rolled into it a book I will highly recommend reading. Women in cattle-infested waters… 'Well, Sheriff, if your deputy could rouse himself to the task at hand maybe we can all get on with our day. He lifted his head and called loudly, 'Deputy! The cattle paid immediate attention and, as a body, began to stir. Deputy slowed and sat. She spun back to look at him. Deputy Dawg.

It would be disrespectful to call him anything else. Apr 06, Peta Whitney rated it liked it.

Stay with me here. Still there? I have read Mills and Boon. I was not exactly impressed. I was forced by my creative writing lecturer Hi Toni! I read it. I did not love Stay with me here. I did not love it. I did read it to the end. They are hard-working, funny, smart women making actual money with their writing. This is her story of a Texan sheriff and a Manhattan ballet dancer. Two worlds collide, yes? No gratuitous sex scenes to make me blush but rather two damaged people with a mutual attraction.

I liked this story but it occasionally slowed its pace in what already has a gentle rhythm. Ellie Patterson has come to Larkville to meet a family she never knew — till recently — that she had. Instead, she runs into Sheriff Jed Jackson. Gradually both their tragic pasts are revealed. Still, this could have been thrown in and I missed it. I was reading quite quickly… hoping it would speed their attraction along. Aug 01, Pat rated it really liked it. Overcoming angst is my thing. Author Nikki Logan provides angst and relief in spades here.

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After former ballerina Eleanor Patterson discovers that the man she called father was really her stepfather, she drives from the Big Apple to poky Larkville, Texas, to meet her siblings since her real father has just died. There she meets Sheriff Jed Jackson, who puts her up in the guest house on his property. Jed is no stranger to high maintenance big city women, especially since he was engaged to one when he was a cop in New York City. Consequently, when the pressure got too much, she developed an eating disorder.

As Jed and Ellie circle around one another, Deputy is the glue that keeps them bound. Aug 06, Julie Manga Maniac Cafe rated it it was amazing. I connected with both protagonists and the anxious, forgiving dog. Lots of elements that tugged on my emotions here, from the damaged heroine unable to love herself to the wounded man unable to forgive himself. This isn't a perfect read, but it is compelling and emotional. Jul 25, Gail rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , e-book , library-book , harlequinromance , series-romance , western.

Excellent story.


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Slow Dance with the Sheriff (Mills & Boon Cherish) (The Larkville Legacy, Book 2)

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