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Dual wield suppressed Silverballers are unlocked after completing any mission with a Silent Assassin rating. It is referred to as the '9mm Pistol'. Referred to as the 9mm Pistol SD, 47 starts out with one when playing below "Expert" mode in the mission "Anathema". One can be found in the Agency pickup along with a Dragunov in "St. Petersburg Stakeout", at the Agency pickup by the pier in "Kirov Park Meeting", at the Agency pickup in the storage yard and carried by General Bardachenko in "Tubeway Torpedo", at the Agency pickup by the pier in "Invitation to a Party", inside locker in the locker room in "Basement Killing", inside the weapons box in the southern office in "The Graveyard Shift", carried by one of the cult assassins in "Temple City Ambush" and in the storage room in "The Death of Hannelore".

A snub-nosed 2.

It shares the same ammo with Desert Eagle, when in fact the former is. It appears in four levels: "Anathema" on the primary target Giuseppe Guilliani, "The Jacuzzi Job" carried by the bikini clad women in the hot tub with Charlie Sidjan and one in the office, "Murder at the Bazaar" carried by Colonel Mohammad Amin and "Temple City Ambush" carried by the cult members. Strangely it is seen sharing ammo with the. It is found in the levels "Anathema" carried by Guilliani's son and brother and also in the study, "Tubeway Torpedo" inside a desk in an office on the second floor, "Shogun Showdown" by some of the guards, "Basement Killing" inside the security office, "Tunnel Rat" carried by Lieutenant Yussef Hussein and a couple of soldiers, "Temple City Ambush" used by Agent Smith, "Terminal Hospitality" carried by most of the bodyguards and one can be found in the temple and in "St.


It is very powerful at close range but useless at a distance. A rusty and worn-out PSM is present in the game as the '. It is only seen in two levels, carried by a guard at one of the roadblocks in "St. Petersburg Stakeout" and by the Spetsnaz agent in "Invitation to a Party". It has an erroneous magazine capacity of 10 rounds instead of 8. The Ruger Mk II appears in-game as the '. It has relatively lesser stopping power but provides very good suppressed fire in the game. Carrying this gun through metal detectors will unrealistically not set them off.

It also has an erroneous magazine capacity of 12 rounds instead of Ninjas can be seen using them in the missions "Hidden Valley", "At the Gates" and "Shogun Showdown" as can the cult assassin with the purple turban in "Temple City Ambush". Four can also be found in the weapons room in "Shogun Showdown".

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The Uzi with stock extended can be only seen in the level "Terminal Hospitality" being used by some of the bodyguards near the dock area with one located in a hut. It has a good rate of fire but highly inaccurate as compared to the MP5s. The Colt M4A1 is the rarest weapon in the game and comes with a Aimpoint scope that cannot be used. It can only be gained by getting the Silent Assassin rating in all 4 St. Petersburg levels or by killing a UN soldier in the level "Motorcade Interception" which will result in failing the mission You can use the Fiber Wire or the Anesthesia to get the gun, but if you try to exit the level with it, the game will crash.

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Its one of the best weapons in the game and it provides the most accurate, full automatic fire of all the assault rifles. It has an extremely short handguard, reminiscent of some airsoft AKSU guns. It is seen in the missions "St. It can also be found in weapon caches in "Tubeway Torpedo" in the Agency pickup in the first basement, a room in the northeast corner of the army depot, in a room just outside the entrance to the headquarters and on the first floor of the headquarters , "Tunnel Rat" in the guard quarters , "The Death of Hannelore" in the storage room and "Terminal Hospitality" three can be found in the temple.

Since the AKSU was intended as a personal defense weapon for tank, gun, helicopter and other vehicle crews as well as for police and military special operations forces, which require a compact but relatively powerful individual automatic weapon , its widespread use in the Russian levels comes off as inaccurate, as Russian Army soldiers in the time of the game's setting would carry AKMs, the official service rifle of the Russian Army since after the collapse of the USSR in and the phasing out of the original AK The Double Barreled Shotgun can be found in the first level "Anathema" carried one of the guards outside of the mansion and by Guilliani's lawyer.

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This is the only mission where it appears. Tropes I-Z. An Ice Suit : 47 in the mountains. In a nod to Roger Moore, he's still wearing his suit and tie underneath.

Some of the ninjas are also sporting artic camo. Most of the employees have gone home, but a host of guards, three programmers, and one very gullible sysadmin remain. Katanas Are Just Better : If only 47 didn't swing it around like a floor lamp. Also looks damn good when displayed on the wall. This all ends up being very convenient for 47, since he now knows who the mystery client is. But Sergei doesn't exactly take this news well. King Mook : The Spetznaz agent in "Invitation to a Party" is unusually durable and takes a full round mag from the silenced 9mm pistol to put down, as opposed to normal enemies who die in just shots.

Hayamoto Jr, his unnamed dinner guest, and Hayamoto himself have twice as much health as normal Mooks, but still go down quite quickly. Finally, Mr. In all cases, 1 headshot or sustained automatic weapons fire will still put any of them down. Laser Hallway : The doors leading to Hayomoto and his vault are guarded by laser fences. Nothing a key card can't cure. Little Useless Gun : The silenced. The only thing unique about it is it doesn't trigger the metal detectors in "Basement Killing". Made of Explodium : The security consoles in the Valley.

You're aiming for the roundish, yellowish part in the middle. Shoot it, and the thing will blow sky high, taking the guard with it. Doesn't count as a kill either! The Mafiya : Sergei, like his brother, is a mob boss who has expanded his empire to include arms dealing.

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It's sort of suggested that Sergei took over Boris' business when he died. The final level happens in the church at Gontranno and pits 47 against nearly two dozen mafia hitmen and their boss, Sergei himself. Makarov is meeting with an old mob contact, Igor, to buy protection and information. Both must be taken down once they emerge out in the open at Kirov Park.

Before long, a technician will be called up to fix the problem. If the technician doesn't perform his job within a reasonable amount of time, then more security will be called up. This means ambushing him isn't an option. Multi-Directional Barrage : The mobsters in the church are expecting 47 to waltz through the front door.

As long as you have a disguise, the snipers won't bother you here, so all you have to worry about is the guard in the entrance to the valley. They all have custom rifles. Shoot out the coffee-cam, and then wait.

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The sysadmin will come to check it out, allowing you to bag him in the manner of your choosing. Charlie's brother. In the source code he's designated "Brat Charliejo" but this obviously isn't a real name. The two assassins in "Temple City Ambush. Perhaps this explains why Vito and his nephew relieve themselves in the back garden near a tree.

Obvious Beta : While Silent Assassin was a very innovative game, it wasn't very polished. For no adequately explained reason, the Target on the Castle mission counts as an enemy for the purposes of the mission rating. There is some inconsistency regarding who counts as a target and who counts as an enemy. For instance, the "Redemption at Gontranno" game save that is created at the end of the game will overwrite all of your stats and reduce your overall rank e.

That's right. The two dozen mobsters you used to water the garden with blood? All "targets". Sergei, the vicious crime kingpin who's been hounding you for 20 levels? A helpless civilian. The mind reels. Temple City. Everybody, Civilians, Guards, and Targets, have randomized patterns. This can make things somewhat frustrating when trying to take down the wandering Assassin in the open Markets. However, all of this randomization can make some of the people, including the wandering assassin, freeze.