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Basically not much — besides reducing the number of your patents. There is, however, one legal institute that is available to any entity irrespective of its size and nature that requires at first and foremost the willingness to grant a licence on your patent right.

(German Institute for Economic Research (DIW))

The owner of a patent can apply to the Intellectual Property Office to have the patent endorsed for licence of right L. This application by the patentee is a declaration of willingness to grant a licence to anyone. The endorsement acts as an invitation to third parties to apply for a licence. Unfortunately, not many countries provide for licence of right. The European Patent Convention does not provide for L. There are approximately 20 countries which have this option.

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Among them are some important patent filing jurisdictions:. Since provisions of L. It can be filed at any time after grant of the patent or while the patent application is pending. That means that the patentee must grant a licence to anyone who wants one. The endorsement is registered and published. As long as an exclusive licence is registered under the patent the declaration is not possible. Renewal fees falling due after the L. Other countries — besides the above four - who grant a fee reduction for L. The United Kingdom requires additionally that any opposition to the cancellation has been dealt with.

This paper deals with preliminary injunctions PIs based on patents with a view towards European procedures. Also discussed are precautionary measures that a potential defendant in PI proceedings may take in order to avoid an injunction.

Real Estate Investment Trusts for Dummies

A patent proprietor who identifies an act infringing one or more of his patents, may have an interest that the infringement is stopped immediately. Such a patent proprietor will therefore seek immediate injunctive relief. The injunctive relief may be permanent, but permanent injunctive relief is typically only granted after lengthy court proceedings on the merits of a case. In contrast, courts may, upon application by the patent proprietor, order injunctive relief in the form of a provisional measure.

In the European Union, provisional measures are mandatorily available in all member states. Provisional measures are regularly granted in preliminary injunction procedures. There are two procedural possibilities, i. Naturally, when a defendant is injuncted and has to stop the act in question immediately, this may constitute a significant threat to his business. Some recommendations are given below. Whether justified or not — that remains to be seen — there are concerns that the enforcement of unitary patents will be far slower, more expensive and more unpredictable than has been the case with patents in Germany up to now.

Some sceptics are already advising their clients to avoid European patents and revert to national filings. Whether or not this makes sense will be briefly clarified here. Is it really advisable to file nationally again within Europe?

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After all, the objective of this approach is to keep the German or other national infringement courts for litigation. Once a European patent has been granted, the validity of the unitary patent can be requested for all states of the EU that have ratified the UPC up to that point, meaning those for which the UPC agreement and the EU regulation [1] are in effect.


This request must be submitted to the EPO - together with a translation [2] , at least for the time being - within one month following the mention of grant Art. But that is only an option. You will do this anyway if you only want protection for a few countries, since the unitary patent will only pay off if there are four or five countries or more, the exact number of countries depends on the office fees, which are still under discussion.

That is precisely what makes up the compulsory nature of the new court system. However, it is possible to choose to opt out under Art. You can declare before the Registry of the court that you wish to stay with the old court system. And this can be done up to one month prior to the end of the transitional period pursuant to Art.

And you can even declare this opt-out for European patent applications Art. This means you can still file an application!

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This webinar looks at the current state of the trademark renewal industry and its implications. What can you do to protect your company's bottom line?

What does future of trademarks hold in 5, 10, even 15 years? Alexander Klinke. How does this affect you? Leon is a lawyer and a former partner at the Maslon law firm in Minneapolis. Leon is married, with four beautiful children, and one not so beautiful child. He enjoys running, skiing, tennis and is known to have an irreverent sense of humor. What does future of patents hold in 5, 10, even 15 years?

Join Jay and Leon as they discuss key trends in the patent arena.

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What are or should you be doing to prepare? Even though Jay and Leon don't have a magical crystal ball, their years' of experience in patents provide a sound foundation to draw from for industry trend analysis - and yes, a little speculation. They will also draw from conversations held in 8 cities at the recently concluded Forum - The Future of IP and Technology Law Forum - where hundreds gathered to discuss these topics.

The Government of Canada. Find out more. Dennemeyer is looking forward to partner with the University and work together to the improvement of Intellectual Property in the area. We foresee more great projects to come in the near future and are grateful for the opportunity of working together with the prestigious University of Sharjah. From left to right: Mr. Khalid Elkhabir Head of Patent Dept. DAAE , Dr. Celebrating its continuous presence at INTA, Dennemeyer has had a special event prepared for its clients: an awesome adventure at sea! The Dennemeyer pre-INTA sailing regatta, a sailing trip on the shores of Barcelona, was met by calm seas and fair winds.

After the sailing regatta, Dennemeyer and its guests continued the fun Saturday evening at the Boo Beach Club where everybody had the opportunity to network over delicious barbeque and excellent drinks. Space, the final frontier! Well, not anymore, because thanks to a group of six 9 th grade students from Brasov, Romania, we will be able to survive in space. Not very soon, but give them some time and they will make it possible. Heosphoros, the Romanian team, has placed on the 1 st place for kids in the 9 th grade, winning with their space station located in the Lagrangian point L4.

Carmen Tanasescu.

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  • That is why Dennemeyer has decided to support their project and sponsor their trip and presentation to St Louis, Missouri. Das Management von gewerblichen Schutzrechten stellt hierbei keine Ausnahme dar. Er gewann im Finale das iPad Mini mit einer hervorragenden Gesamtpunktzahl von insgesamt Reinhold Nowak, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Dennemeyer Group. Ich gratuliere den Teilnehmern deshalb umso mehr zu ihren beeindruckenden Ergebnissen.