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Mannock: The Life and Death of Major Edward Mannock VC, DSO, MC, RAF

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Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Did he achieve as many victories as are sometimes ascribed to him? How did he die? Where did he die, and more pertinently, where do his remains now lie?

Mannock: The Life and Death of Major Edward Mannock VC, DSO, MC, RAF | Trade Me

Respected investigative historians Norman Franks and Andy Saunders have assessed all the evidence and cut through the speculation to build up a complete picture of the man and his achievements as a fighter pilot. Having unearthed much new and enlightening information, they present herein, perhaps the first truly balanced overview of his life.

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Vitally, they now also reveal exactly where Mannock VC fell in battle ninety years ago, and have now begun a quest to persuade the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to accept their findings, published here for the first time, along with numerous original photographs. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x People who bought this also bought. King of Airfighters Ira Jones.

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Buckley's Chance Garry Linnell. The Gulag Archipelago Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. As a child, he was bright and an avid reader, but had severe astigmatism in his left eye. Incredibly, given his later achievements as a pilot, he suffered from impaired vision in this eye for the remainder of his life. When he was 13, his wayward father abandoned the family, leaving them desperately short of money.

Turning swords into ploughshares. Mannock was 27 and had moved to Turkey as the leader of a telephone cable-laying gang when the Great War broke out. In jail, he sang patriotic British songs and received regular beatings from the Turkish guards for his impertinence. When he tried to escape, he was put in solitary confinement and his health deteriorated — he had dysentery and suppurating sores — but the American consulate secured his release.

But some of the requirements of the job — one of which was a duty to treat enemy prisoners — troubled him. For after his experiences in the Turkish prison, he had no compassion for the Central Powers or their soldiers. On April 1, , Mannock was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the Royal Engineers. Then, a chance meeting with an old friend led to a discussion about flying and in August , 2nd Lt Mannock transferred to the Number One School of Military Aeronautics at Reading, qualifying as a pilot in November after further training.

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Posted to France in April , he joined his first operational unit, 40 Squadron, at Treizennes. He also learnt to control his fear, believing he only needed strength of mind to overcome it. On May 7, he claimed his first success when he and five others shot down a kite balloon — a manned, gas-filled balloon used for reconnaissance — five miles behind German lines. On May 25 and June 1, , he was convinced he had enemy kills, but decided to bide his time until he could make an unquestionable claim. He did not have long to wait; the following week he shot down an Albatros D.

On September 17, , Mannock was awarded the MC. On October 18, Mannock was awarded a bar to his MC. On one occasion he attacked a formation of five enemy machines single-handed and shot one down out of control. On another occasion, while engaged with an enemy machine, he was attacked by two others, one of which he forced to the ground. He has consistently shown great courage and initiative. He returned home for a rest from active service but soon joined 74 Tiger Squadron, which was then forming with the new, robust SE5a fighter. He returned to France with the squadron on March 30, leading A Flight. Afterwards, his comrades noticed a new bloodlust, but he never let it cloud his judgment in the air and his number of kills rapidly escalated. In May , he learnt he had been awarded the DSO. On his arrival, Mannock reinvigorated the squadron, introducing new tactics and forcing the pilots to work more effectively as a team. However, Jim Eyles, a close friend, noticed that before he left Britain for his new posting, his nerves seemed to be frayed. Gone was the old sparkle we knew so well; gone was the incessant wit.

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I could see him wringing his hands together to conceal the shaking and twitching, and then he would leave the room when it became impossible for him to control it. He cried uncontrollably. His face, when he lifted it, was a terrible sight. He was in no condition to return to France, but in those days such things were not taken into account. Disregarding his own strict rule, he then made a couple of low passes over the wreckage, leading the inexperienced Inglis into a storm of smallgun fire from the German trenches.