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It was enjoyable, even though it was predictable. A nice read for the beach, or a rainy day. I will be recommending it.

Love in Bloom Charm - James Avery

Apr 20, Donna rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book! Thank you Krista! View all 7 comments. I loved the correlation throughout this book between growing a garden and growing relationships. I picked it up at a garage sale a few weeks ago. However, I had the flu on I loved the correlation throughout this book between growing a garden and growing relationships. However, I had the flu on Sunday. I could hardly get off the couch all day. So I read this book. It was entertaining enough to keep thoughts of my nausea at bay.

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That says something. I also gained more of a love of gardening, of wanting to be a good friend, of a desire for respectful human decency, and in the end an obvious sense of victory for the intelligent underdog. I want to make friends like the ladies in this book and I used to be good at it.

I can see you have children around the same age as mine and that you parent in a similar fashion as me. From your fabulous tied died Grateful Dead shirt I can see that you have great taste in music and I think we should be the dearest of friends for life. Not when I have 4 rambunctious kidos hanging on me making it hard to focus on what is being said. My solution: game night almost every Friday night. She gracefully offered herself and her expertise. She gave. And what blossomed out of that was beautiful. I also learned a great wife lesson from Millie as she compared husbands to knights in shining armor.

When her friend Amber wife and mother about my age was having marital problems, Millie who was very senior in age gave her valuable advice. Amber was tired of picking up all the pieces and being the only one strong and trying. Your husband is no exception. That has to have hit him pretty hard. That even though we live in an age where women work in the work force just as much, men still need to be able to provide for their family.

This is so true. Are his feeling stemmed from culture? It is their role as part of their gender.

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Anyway, the best advice is yet to come in the conversation. The armor is your faith in him, your encouragement. He needs to man up. In fact, Curtis is going through something right now.

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It might very well be. Also, my anxiety has recently crept into my life again. I wish he would give me a priesthood blessing. I know the Lord has strength.

Love in Bloom Charm

If you keep doing love, the feeling might grow back. I can see how these both come from the same basic motive of wanting her husband to get a job and be happy again, but the result of nagging is tearing down—trying to force him to do what he already knows he should do, whereas the result of encouraging is the wife knowing she did all she could to help—and usually it does. You plant your seeds, but it takes time for them to germinate.

I think life is like that. I am growing in determination to plant seeds in friends; to take the time to nourish others despite our differences despite my desire to be nourished artistically. I should be asking what I can offer to the acquaintance and hopefully someday friendship. How can I help them fill fulfilled?

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How can I support their pursuits? How can I make their load a little less heavy?

Love In Bloom (Jack Benny)

Seeds of love, values, and guidance to help them on their way. I strive to find my way, humbly relying on the personal relationship I have with Christ, in order to provide an example for them. I am planting armor seeds on my husband. Tiny sterling silver ones made up of confidence in him and appreciation for the man he is. The germination time of these seeds are uncertain and many of the seeds might be duds, but I am certain that with continual nurturing, they will grow. Jun 07, Alexis rated it it was amazing Shelves: adult-fiction , slice-of-life , bittersweet , romance.

Sheila Roberts has really done a terrific job. I picked this up because I wanted a sappy, happy romance novel.

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  4. And I got a wonderful tearjerker of a slice of life book that is romantic, but is so much more than a fluff read. I won't spoil it for you but this book is poignant to the last page. I'll have to look up Roberts in the future. This is a real keeper. I normally avoid anything religious in my books, but this has a terrific amount of religion in it.

    It's part of the characters, and is Sheila Roberts has really done a terrific job. It's part of the characters, and isn't gratuitous in the least. It isn't forced, and even if you strongly disagree with religion, I don't think this book will give you pause. For someone who is religious or spiritual however, it adds another layer of poignancy. Mar 25, Amanda Peterson rated it liked it. This book is certainly entertaining and doesn't make our main character's history with cancer seem like something of pity. I was kind of thrown off by the fact we focused on four women instead of just the main character.

    But I liked the growth of the characters and their perspective stories. It didn't have a high impact which is why I have scored it thusly. However one thing I want to close out with is that the character of Jason's friend Duke is a colossal douche. Jun 08, Janice rated it it was amazing. Three very different ladies become friends as they garden their community plots and learn to support one another. I enjoyed the gardening tips. I could not wait for one guy to figure out that he was more suited for his girlfriend's sister. Some aspects of these types of books are rather silly, and often predictable, but still enjoyable and heart-warming. Dec 04, Fay Risner rated it it was amazing.