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Then another. Same as staying sober.

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Tagged as AA , addiction , Alcoholism , god , hiking , recovery , sobriety , spirituality. Like Liked by 1 person. Wow I want to live life with the same attitude as you. I drink to escape a way life I am so bored with. I live in England and empty bins as a job just to pay the bills.

A Transformational Guide for Living, Happy, Joyous and Freedom

I want to live and feel free. Have you found freedom and happiness? Freedom joy and happiness is my goal. Like Like. And I can tell you how I did it, but only you can free yourself. Second off — that part of you that longs for freedom, that came to the fore when you wrote this —? You need to take that courage and apply it to pursuit of that god, of hearing that voice and finding a way to live it. Start by going to meetings. Look for someone you feel has something — some spark.

Pray for fucking guidance. Please help me. Just try. God is not what anyone else says it is.

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God is what you feel when you most love life. Let me know how it goes, K? Pingback: Like me, like me!

What a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you for sharing your journey. It really resonated with me!

Happy Positive and joyful music to read Hamlet (in caps)

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Happy, Joyous & Free

A Spiritual Evolution. Skip to content. Me, Anonymous friend. Like this: Like Loading Towards the end, my ideal weekend plans consisted of sniffing some painkillers every other hour and getting shitfaced at the bar down the street. By the very, very end, I was perfectly content with doing more serious dry goods and dipping out in my bed every night.

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Social media and smart phones make it effortless to stay constantly connected to everyone around us. It infuriated me! I could have deleted them but a piece of me wanted to live vicariously through them. I also realized that they wake up with a raging hangover and an empty wallet.

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By the end of my drinking, my hangovers were lasting a minimum of two and a half days. They were crippling. Even in my drinking days, I felt some jealousy towards the friends who could have a few drinks and then be done. They knew their limits. They knew when to stop drinking so they could drive home safely and responsibly. Eventually people stopped relying on me to be a designated driver because I never held up my end of the bargain and got way too drunk. I was constantly apologizing for things I said or did the morning after a drunken stupor.

Treatment 4 Addiction

It was demoralizing. There were more nights than I care to admit that I went for happy hour and stayed until close. Once I started, I could not stop. One was never enough. My father having 30 years of sobriety made it easier for me to get adjusted in the rooms of AA. At first, I was trying to relate to older people with years and years of time. I did a lot of comparing. The more I started meeting people though, I started branching out and hitting meetings in other areas where I was fortunate to meet some people my age.

I finally felt like I fit in and that was where I was supposed to be.