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These poets shared similar concerns such as the search for balance between the intellectual and the sentimental, a perfectionist approach to writing, the aspiration towards the achievement of aesthetic purity and the mixture of the elitist and the popular, of tradition and renovation. They acknowledged the influence of avant-garde movements like Ultraism, Creationism and Surrealism and manifested an interest in the work of Joyce, especially in his adaptation of myth to the modern world and in his use of the subconscious, which added a new poetic background to their writings.

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By the end of the twenties, Joyce was well known in different literary circles in Spain, although more for A Portrait than for Ulysses. The Civil War brought about the closure of the Spanish borders to Europe, interrupting the early and fertile reception with the consequently decreasing interest in the evolution of the novel as a literary genre.

Although he acknowledged that the Irish writer had become the most influential author in English literature, and wrote a very favourable criticism, he also asserted that only snobs read his work and that it had not yet reached a popular readership pp. During the forties and early fifties, some works emerged that pioneered innovative literary devices. The novel followed the context of the previous one in its setting and it involved the presentation of the inner life of dozens of people during one day in Barcelona through several narrative techniques, among which we find a systematic use of the indirect free style.

According to Julio M. In this decade a possibly less rigid censorship, along with theories on modern linguistics, the organisation of international conferences and a critical practice that was endowed with greater freedom of expression, allowed the country to escape its own insularity, which had dragged Spanish prose into a state of monotonous social realism.

It was the very character of the sixties, with its temporal distance from the horrors of the war, that brought a new interest in stylistic experimentation and left behind the depressed and crude reality that previous generations of writers had constantly denounced. The absence of an innovative trend in Spanish fiction comparable to that of Europe, can thus be explained by means of the particular social, political and literary circumstances. Among the main parallelisms between the two writers, the following can be mentioned: the limited use of the units of space and time; the focus on the inner lives of the characters; the systematic use of the interior monologue and the soliloquy; the inclusion of different narrative perspectives; the coincidence in the construction of the main characters and their respective wanderings through the towns of Madrid and Dublin; and the inclusion of the Homeric myth as a pillar to sustain the narrative structure see also Curutchet , Palley , Rey and Morales Truncated syntax, incoherent sentences, deviated norms in the construction of paragraphs, complex and unconventional developments of plots, uncommon protagonists, the use of archetypal myths or the indeterminacy of reading functioned as some of the transgressions that characterised the path followed by this new stage in the evolution of the novel.

According to Robert C. Spires , the emergence of this innovation in the Spanish narrative was the product of an aesthetic change in the evolution of the role of the reader, which inevitably influenced the formal aspects of the novel. Her work makes ample use of introspective devices and epiphanic moments, although, in matters of linguistic experimentation, she has followed traditional patterns. In an interview, she claimed that she saw herself as an innovator in form — but not in language — and that the discovery of Joyce made her first novel become a sort of premonition of the French nouveau roman Mateo , p.

There were other writers, like Juan Benet, who failed to understand the implications of Joycean aesthetics.

Sobre la escritura. James Joyce

In fact, not only critics have recognised the presence of Joyce in his writings, he himself has acknowledged it. In , on the occasion of the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of Joyce's death, he published an article in the Spanish newspaper Abc , in which he confirmed his attraction to the line opened up by Joyce:. Joyce — like Cervantes and Sterne — disrupted the rules of the game and showed that novels cannot be written following recipes or previous schemes…. Joyce, like the great poets, turned the language into the true protagonist of his work….

Those whom I admire and who mean something in the novelistic production of this century have been enriched by the example of the daring enterprise of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake. In the seventies, other writers emerged who went even further. He declared that he preferred Joyce precisely because his form of narrative seemed to be new, yet it could be predicted or sensed as recognition and also as a mirror , p. However, when listening to the recording of some fragments of Anna Livia Plurabelle by Joyce, he admitted that the Irish writer had not caused a great impact on him, even though he did see himself as a Joycean Santa Cecilia , pp.

Larva has thus been defined as a monstrous novel that has provoked equal admiration and rejection, in such a way that the writer Juan Goytisolo has vindicated a place outside the literary tradition of Spanish prose until that date , p. Luis Goytisolo — brother of the above-mentioned Juan — has also made extensive use of the Irish writer, although the outcome is of a different nature. The result is a humorous text that parodies Joycean aesthetics and deals with questions related to authority and creativity see Morales In Galicia, Suso de Toro Santos has acknowledged the influence of Joyce in some of his novels, especially in Polaroid and Tic-Tac , and to a lesser extent in some of his subsequent work.

The impression that the Irish writer has made on many Galician writers is indeed profound, as Suso de Toro has tried to explain, alluding to the historical parallelism between the two Celtic lands:.

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My purpose has been to demonstrate that Joyce played an influential role in the renewal of Spanish modern narrative. From the early s many writers have incorporated innovative techniques in their writings that can easily be identified with Joycean aesthetics although, at the same time, they cannot be reduced to the simplicity of this statement.

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Esther Tusquets, purveyor of literary greats, dies in Barcelona aged 75

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A selection editado por Hoepli. Oxford Bookworms Library 6. A Dublinesos, James Joyce reuneix quinze relats que recreen episodis de la seva ciutat. Retrato do artista cando novo editado por Laiovento, s. Amante de los felinos, Joyce no logra entender la ausencia de maulladores en la capital de Dinamarca. Con una propuesta de lectura creativa, De Conatus reedita Los muertos, un relato perfecto para entrar en el mundo de Joyce y reconocer sus recursos narrativos. Published by ELI About this Item: ELI, Published by ALBA Su obra maestra es Ulises.

Oxford Worlds Classics: Dubliners editado por Oxford.

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Dust Jacket Condition: Nuevo. There was no hope for him this time: it was the third stroke. Dubliners is a collection of fifteen short stories by James Joyce, first published in They centre on Joyces idea of an epiphany: a moment where a character experiences a life-changing self-understanding or illumination. Many of the characters in Dubliners later appear in minor roles in Joyces novel Ulysses.

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This is in line with Joyces tripartite division of the collection into childhood, adolescence and maturity. El envio contrarreembolso conlleva un suplemento de 4 EUR por libro. Oxford Worlds Classics: Ulysses editado por Oxford.