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Poppy has to confess to Sam that she had sent an e-mail to everyone in the company on his behalf, telling them that they should send through ideas for the company to him, to create a warmer environment.


He is really angry at everything she has done and tells her that she must give him his phone back the next day so that they never have to speak again. The worst of it is when Lindsay rocks up, flirting with Sam and telling him that there was always chemistry between them. She had clearly thought Sam had been flirting with her, meanwhile it was Poppy writing all of his e-mails.

Sam meets Poppy the next day at a restaurant so that she can return the mobile phone. Although he seems a bit cold at first, he surprises her by thanking her for what she has done, such as with encouraging people at work. But then he takes her phone from her and scrutinizes her messages, giving her criticism the way she did with him. He wants to know why she is so afraid of not being liked, hence all the kisses in her messages.

He reads a list she had saved on her phone, featuring all the things she has to do before the wedding, such as become an expert in Greek philosophy and learn long Scrabble words to impress Magnus's parents. She is embarrassed. She accompanies Sam back to his office, where she overhears Vicks, head of PR, speaking to him about a memo someone in the office named Nick had sent to Sam a few months ago.

It is an incriminating memo filled with talk about accepting bribes, but Sam had never seen that version of the message. The scary thing is that the news of this is going to run on a television bulletin. Vicks says that she can't find the original memo and it isn't on Sam's computer, either. When Poppy is left alone, she is reminded of an e-mail she had sent to Sam's father in reply to his request to have a reunion with his son. She had been so touched by it that she had e-mailed back pretending to be Sam and had accepted the invite.

She realizes Sam is supposed to meet his father today! When she leaves the building, a woman who shows her out speaks of Nick and calls him by his office nickname: Santa Claus. It is only when Poppy has left the building that she pulls out a note she had been keeping of all the strange caller's messages: about someone named Scottie having done the surgery and left no trace.


It had been signed off as Santa Claus. She realizes this has to relate to Nick and the memo Vicks and Sam were talking about. She has to get back into the office to Sam, but the receptionist doesn't let her all the way through. Frustrated that she no longer has her phone, she tries to write a message on the windows with soap suds.


Sam sees her and comes to her, asking why she is back. She explains about the messages and he discovers who had the phone before it was given to Violet: a man called Ed who used to work at the company and then was fired. Sam asks if Poppy can help them identify the voice she heard on the phone message - but this means having to go to Hampshire. She should be planning her wedding, meanwhile she's on a train with some other guy whom she thinks has a girlfriend.

On the train, a message comes through and Poppy reads it. He tells Poppy that he's not engaged.

The message comes through in its entirety and Poppy sees it really is for her: someone is telling her that Magnus is being unfaithful with someone she knows. They go to the hotel and Poppy starts mingling with people to try to discover who could own the voice belonging to the message on the phone. She feels stupid at not having discovered the owner of the voice, when she hears a voice behind the camera and knows it's the guy.

Poppy tells Sam about the e-mail she sent to his father, but he tells her that man is not his father - he's an old college friend called David Robinson! When the man pitches up, expecting to spend some quality time with Sam, he objects and Poppy decides to have a drink with him, as she feels bad that he came all the way for nothing. During the drinks, Poppy learns more about Sam's life from David and feels a fool for trying to get involved in his business when she didn't know the whole story about who he is, his family, and friends.

Interrupting her time with David, Poppy has a confrontation with Willow who acts territorially about Sam even though they're not together. Sam can't be found when the memo-related news bulletin airs, but the report states that someone framed Nick, trying to make it look like he was guilty. Sam becomes the whistle-blower, putting himself on the line.

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Poppy texts him, still wondering where he is, and he asks her to meet him outside. There they have a tender moment. When she's back home, Poppy receives a call from a woman wanting to speak with Sam. It's Violet and she has important news for him. She instructs him to go to his computer and pull up an icon called 'Voice-mails.

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Poppy gets a call from Brenda Fairfax, a woman at the hotel where her ring had gone missing. She tells Poppy that she was about to place the ring in the safe when another guest rushed up and declared it was hers. After hearing a description about the woman, Poppy realizes it was Lucinda, her wedding planner. This book is hysterical. I literally had a giggling fit I could not control look out for the camisole.

The characters were enchanting; I feel I know them personally.

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella - Review of I've Got Your Number

Not sure I fully loved the ending as it was a Absolutely brilliant! Started reading and was compelled to keep reading until,I was finished. Sophie Kinsella writes in the way she is loved for, and this doesn't fail to impress. The plot itself is easy to Just finished reading this book and really enjoyed it. If you want a fun, light hearted book then this is for you. Wish there was a sequel! Please sign in to write a review.

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It's been in Magnus's family for three generations. And now, the very same day his parents are coming, I've lost it. The very same day.