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This book was the kind of contemporary that I don't mind and most of the time, enjoy. I definitely think YA contemporary fans shouldn't miss this one! I'm more of a fantasy girl and I know many readers are, but this was a lovely change of pace. Rating: 4.

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It had been quite some time since I read an Armentrout book - I preferred her paranormal stuff to her fantasy stuff. I'm glad I tried this one. It might be up there among my favorites of hers, both in YA and adult I do like her adult books a lot. Armentrout has outdone herself! View 2 comments. Mar 19, Warda rated it liked it.

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This book didn't hit me as hard as I would've liked. Despite the fact that it speaks about grief and survivors guilt, I just wasn't convinced by the overall story or the romance. And speaking of romance, I loved Sebastian! Good guys with their pure souls make me melt. I still enjoyed it.

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I wish the story had more meat to it though. May 11, Bree Howland rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , romance , contemporary. Read this. This book left me like: I sometimes have a hard time reading books that deal with grief. Especially those dealing with survivors guilt or just plain out guilt around someone passing away.

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And it sucked. Every emotion that Lena was going through, I had felt. Being terrified to and feeling guilty for moving on. It took me weeks before I was able to laugh at something as simple as a TV show without bursting into tears immediately after. That person was dead, I was alive, how dare I feel anything but sadness and grief. But like Lena, once I faced my guilt and I was able to grieve, life got easier. Along with some help from my husband, family and watching my favorite game being played on Game Grumps, it finally got a little easier.

Honestly, never underestimate the power of two guys just being silly. And sometimes I still felt guilty about that. Or a song got easier to listen to, or a place got easier to go to.

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Leaving the heavy stuff alone, this book was absolutely amazing. I love how Jennifer captured all the different friendship dynamics that goes along with groups of friends. Each separate person in the group honestly felt like a real person. The romance between Sebastian and Lena was so adorable, I really loved how he treated her. Jennifer always comes up with the best book boyfriends.

Also, I will never get enough of bookworm main characters. Give me all of them.

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Point blank, I think this is an amazing book that dealt with really hard subjects, really well. Please, read this. View all 3 comments. Aug 06, Anja H. All I could do was change tomorrow, as long as I had one. Armentrout reading spree lately, and while I have yet to encounter a novel written by her that I don't like, I gotta say Damn, this one hit me hard! She slayed me yet again! Also, can I have a Sebastian in my life please?! The girls have always been tight since years and years. Lena is the nerd. The one true bookworm. Her dad left them years ago and she has a job at a dinner to enjoy some luxuries. On the volleyball team her coach urges her to focus on her game as scouts will come this new year.

Lena would really be happy with a scholarship. Yesterday also has a bunch of boys, all close friends and playing football. One of them Sebastian, is the guy effortlessly handsome and kind. Sebastian and his friends, Keith, Philipp, Cody and Chris are all on the football team and in the leading pack at school. They goof around but as far as jock are concerned Jennifer Armentrout did not portray them as the usual pricks but rather the great guys.

They are all so ready to have the year of their life before serious things begin with college and other stuffs. That was yesterday and we follow this band of friends, witnessing their interaction, dynamic and banter. Then Lena makes one mistake and today happens. Here comes the bullet part of this review.

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He was a great guy but reacted so clumsily! He was the best guy a girl could dream of and so supportive and protective! Because my eyes were leaking a good part of the story. She was at an impasse for a long time and it frustrated me so much! I wanted to rush the story and get to the next level!

Still I knew it was not so easy and how Jennifer wrote about it was much more realistic.

That these things took time. An indefinite amount of time. Yes I know Lena had changed but she was hurting too. Is it truly what friends do in such circumstances. And I know I forgot that Abbi hurt too. So why not five stars? Because at some point the story felt like dragging. Again it was more realistic that way but it made for a less interesting, more repetitive plot line.

Recommend it? Have you read this one? What did you think of it? Thanks for reading! It was devastating and beautiful to read.

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