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A scan disk or defrag check can also be done to check for errors and mostly these steps would solve the problem on your PC. Most of the common computer problems are a result of poor maintenance but most people can repair their computer by themselves even if they are not too tech savvy. A logical person with ability to follow instructions can repair a computer.

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How To Repair a Computer Power Supply (or other switching power supply)

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Troubleshooting Tips : Offers a list of links to help users troubleshoot their computer. PC Troubleshooting Manual : The page provides tips on computer troubleshooting and repair. Dead Computer : Learn how to get it working again. Slow Computer : Step-by-step instructions on how to speed up the computer. Upgrade Hard Drive : The site provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to upgrade a MacBook hard drive.

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No Sound in Windows : This tutorial shows how to solve sound problems in Windows. Replacing Sound Card : The site offers a detailed tutorial on changing a sound card. Bad Memory : The guide shows how to diagnose bad memory on the PC. Basic Diagnosis : The page provides instructions on diagnosing a computer. Making Computers Run Better : The page offers some advice on how to make the computer run better. Improve Speed : A detailed tutorial on speeding up the PC. Basic Computer Tutorial : Learn about some of the basic concepts of computing.

Maintenance Procedures : Follow these procedures to maintain your computer.


Maintenance Tips : The page provides 10 essential tips to a healthy computer. Preventive Maintenance : A collection of tutorials to help maintain a working PC. Recommended Procedures : Learn these maintenance procedures to prevent computer problems.