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Contents: Gerontion; Burbank with a Baedeker: Bleistein with a Elliot was the dominant force in twentieth-century British and American poetry. Though he earned his central place in our A major Isabel Archer, a beautiful, intelligent, and headstrong American girl newly endowed with wealth and embarked in Europe on a treacherous journey Everyman's Library Pocket Classics.

Collected together for the first time in hardcover, these eighteen classic stories from across John Updike's career form a luminous chronicle of the life and times of one marriage in all its rich emotional complexity. Seventeen Maples stories were collected in in a paperback edition titled Too Far to Go, prompted by a television adaptation. Now those stories appear in hardcover for the first time, with the addition of a later story, 'Grandparenting,' which returns readers to the Maples's lives long after their wrenching divorce.

With ribbon marker. A new installment in the Everyman's Library's superb Pocket Poets series.

The Poet by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Used

Rumi, Shakespeare, Elizabeth Bishop, Billy Collins--these are but a few of the poets whose words grace the pages of this volume, all intribute to the mysterious power and wonder of music and its transfixing effect on the human spirit. There are poems on music, poems that resemble music, odes to composers, to styles--jazz, blues, Elvis, Mozart--and specific instruments, and even a few odes to the laborious study of music. Don't miss this beautiful addition to Everyman's Library's already excellent series of poetry selections.

Madame Bovary Everyman's Library, No. Dubliners Everyman's Library, No.

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Seventeen stories chosen by the author from across her distinguished career, spanning her earliest books, 'The Beggar Maid' and 'The Moons of Jupiter' to her recent best-selling collection, 'Runaway. These are stories that insinuate their way into a reader's heart and take permanent hold. The long ignored tradition of Chinese eroti c poetry is presented here in a managable Everyman's Library Pocket Poets edition.

The poems focus of deep love, ecstacy, seduction, though also disappointment, grief, and desperation. Where did you spend the night? When Marco Polo returned to Venice after years in the east, few believed the fantastical tales of Mongol-ruled China which he brought back. To this day, 'The Travels of Marco Polo' remains a classic of travel writing. Peter Harris has revised and updated the Wright and Marsden's translation, adding informative notes to observations which, while they may seem fantastical, were based on the real extravagance of Khubilai Khan's massive empire.

A collection of three acclaimed novels by the British author, introduced by Frank Kermode: 'The Bookshop' is a postwar tragicomedy of manners, set in an isolated seaside town where an enterprising woman opens a bookstore only to find it beset by poltergeists, weather, and hostile townsfolk; 'The Gate By Angels' is an Edwardian romance within a novel of ideas; 'The Blue Flower,' which won the National Book Critics Circle Award, revitalizes historical drama through the story of Novalis, an 18th-century German romantic poet and visionary genius, and his unlikely love affair with a simple child-woman.

Quintus Horatius Flaccus, who lived from 65 to 8 BCE, saw the death of the Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire, and was personally acquainted with the emperor Augustus and the poet Virgil.

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He was famous during his lifetime, and continued to be posthumously, for his odes and epodes, for his satires and epistles, and for Ars Poetica. His lyric poems, brief and allusive, have been translated into many languages, most particularly into English, by a range of famous poets, including Jonson, Milton, Dryden, Pope, Cowper, A. This anthology of superb English translations will show how Horace has permeated English literature for five centuries, and continues to do so.

Of Human Bondage By W. Born with a clubfoot, Philip is orphaned as a child and raised by unsympathetic relatives. Sent to a boarding school where he has difficulty fitting in, he grows up with an intense longing for love, art, and experience. After failing to become an artist in Paris, he begins medical studies in London, where he meets Mildred, a cold-hearted waitress with whom he falls into a powerful, tortured, life-altering love affair. A brilliant and deeply moving portrayal of the price of passion and the universal desire for connection,Of Human Bondage stands as one of the most accomplished novels in English literature.

Troilus and Criseyde Everyman's Library, No. Follows the story of Amory Blaine from prep school to Princeton, in an autobiographical coming-of-age novel capturing the rhythms of a generation and of America early in the twentieth century. Growing up as a clergyman's daughter, Charlotte Bronte astounded the Victorian world with her works of depth and thoughtful characterization. In this volume from the Everyman's Library series, two of Charlotte Bronte's novels 'Shirley'and 'The Professor' come together in this beautiful volume. Both stories explore the complex themes of class, society and love.

Find out why Charlotte Bronte is a master of her art with this book. An English gentleman, involved in Jacobite intriques, journeys to the Trossachs to meet a famous Scottish outlaw. Jekyll and Mr. The Everyman's Library, Volume A portrait of three generations set against the panoramic background of the declining Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Rachel Verinder mysteriously opposes an investigation of the theft of a sacred Hindu diamond which she inherited from her uncle. A new translation of poems from China's golden age of culture and poetry, selected, edited, and translated by scholar Peter Harris. The collection includes roughly three hundred poems from the period of the Tang dynasty, during which the arts flourished, and were originally gathered together in a collection that became one of the Chinese people's most cherished works of their heritage.

The poems cover the gamut of style, emotion, and form, ranging from court verse to folk poetry, and from poems about travel to the powerful expression of emotions like grief and frustration. This Chinese treasure is now an English-language edition to treasure. Book Jacket Status: Not Jacketed. Everyman's Library Pocket Poets Series. One of America's most beloved poets, Edna St. Vincent Millay burst onto the literary scene at a very young age and won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in Her passionate lyrics and superbly crafted sonnets have thrilled generations of readers long after the notoriously bohemian lifestyle she led in Greenwich Village in the s ceased to shock them.

A translation of the three plays dealing with events in the Oedipodean family history. Contains a brief biography of Goethe, a collection of some of his best-known works, and a sampling of his personal correspondence. The chilling classic tales gathered in 'Ghost Stories' offer a remarkable variety of approaches to the theme of haunting. James and Penelope Lively. In the hands of these masters, the ghost story ranges far beyond mere horror to encompass comedy and tragedy, pathos and drama, and even a touch a poetry. A literary sanctuary for what Shakespeare called 'sessions of sweet silent thought,' this exquisite gathering of poems speaks to the consolations of solitude.

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The poems collected here, whether reflecting on the soul or on nature, addressing an absent loved one, or honoring the self, form a book of respite and contemplation, and a beautiful tribute to the interior life. The Everyman's Library. The Everyman's Library, No. These poems from most of the cultures and histories of world literature, provide magnificent witness to the fact that love is as much an act of imagination - of the active and feeling mind - as it is of the body. From fourth-century Li Ch'ung's 'Parody of a Lover' to John Betjeman's 'Late-Flowering Lust,' they re-create, through the portholes of language, that experience of the erotic by which we most thoroughly know ourselves as human beings.

Index of First Lines. Known for his challenging traditional thought and for his faith in the individual, Emerson was the chief spokesman for the Transcendentalist movement. He celebrates the existence of the sublime in the human and in nature. Combining intensity of feeling with his famous idealism, Emerson's poems reveal a moving, more intimate side of the man revered as the Sage of Concord. This is part of the Everyman's Library Pocket Poets series. In George Herbert , profound religious sensibility is richly allied with a playful wit and with literary and musical gifts of the highest order.

Herbert experimented brilliantly with a remarkable variety of forms, from hymns and sonnets to "pattern poems", the shapes of which reveal their subjects. Such technical agility never seems ostentatious, however, for precision of language and expression of genuine feeling were his primary concerns. Herbert is one of the finest religious poets in any language, though even secular readers respond to his quiet intensity and exuberant inventiveness. The poems he made achieve a perfection of form and feeling, a luminosity and a metaphysical grandeur unexcelled in the history of English writing.

Though long overshadowed by Donne and Milton, Herbert has come to be one of the most admired of the metaphysical poets. In this new edition of Herbert's works, the distinguished scholar and translator Ann Pasternak Slater shows through detailed textual notes, a reordering of the poems, and an extensive introduction just how great a writer Herbert is. Democracy in America Everyman's Library, No.

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Tocqueville, a young French aristocrat, came to America to investigaste the functioning of the young nation's fledgling democracy and the social, political, and economic life of its citizens, publishing his observations in and Brilliantly written and vividly illustrated with vignettes and portraits, Democracy in America is far more than a trenchant analysis of one society at a particular place in time. So uncanny is the book's insight and so accurate are its author's predictions, that it seems eerily contemporary, still in our midst as a dynamic reflection in progress, an identity still in motion.

The lonely life of a miserly recluse is changed when he takes in an orphaned girl and raises her as his own daughter. From the author of 'The Jungle Book' and 'Kim', to name just a few classics, comes the complete pocket series of poems. This collection of poetry displays all of the master's revolutionary brilliance and human emotion in a single volume which many have and will continue to cherish throughout history and for the future.

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A compilation of three lateth-century signature works by the pioneering science-fiction author offers insight into their continuing influence on culture, in a volume complemented by a ribbon marker and an introduction by the award-winning author of The Witch of Exmoor. Everyman's Library, No. With precision and wit, she movingly portrays the obstacles that impeded women's choices at the turn of the century, exposing the truths about American high society that its denizens most wished to deny.

By Murasaki Shikibu. Scott Fitzgerald. By Charles Dickens. By Thomas Hardy. By Richard Ford.

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By Robert Louis Stevenson. By Paul Scott. By Willa Cather. By Fyodor Dostoevsky. By Peter Washington. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. By Rudyard Kipling. By Chinua Achebe. By Harriet Beecher Stowe. By Joseph Roth. By Tacitus. By Homer. By Walter Sir Scott.