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We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; call us to learn more about how our services can help you or a loved one. Reid Home Health provides treatment or assistance to patients who are recuperating, chronically ill, or disabled, in the comfort of their own home. Our home care services include specialized programs, prevention, and health maintenance on a short-term and long-term basis and include a wide array of services from high-technology nursing to basic home health aide care.

Our highly trained skilled home care staff is committed to providing exceptional care in your home.

Working directly with our patients' physicians, our home care team plans, coordinates, and provides care tailored to every person they serve. Our home care services provide a unique blend of excellent patient care and support along with the highest level of customer service. You can rest assured knowing that we are accredited through Accreditation Commission for. Our team includes:. HomeCare Elite consists of the top 25 percent of all Medicare-certified agencies and highlights the top and agencies overall.

Out of 8, agencies considered, 2, are recognized as "elite. In addition to skilled nursing, therapy and personal care services, Reid Home Health offers a number of specialty home care programs and services to help patients, their families, physicians, and hospitals manage a variety of diseases and conditions in their home setting through qualified and compassionate care. Our programs, services and initiatives demonstrate our commitment to the provision of excellence, quality care, and achievement of outstanding clinical outcomes for every patient we serve.

Right beside you. Reid Home Health Each and every day we strive to provide the best home health experience for our patients; putting our patient's needs first. Our specialty services include a wide range of Chronic Care Management programs: Cardio CareLink : was developed to empower and assist the patient and caregiver in managing the disease process in the home setting while improving overall quality of life. Our comprehensive program emphasizes ongoing monitoring while clinicians provide education and support for patients and their families.

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International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

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A Nursing | Nursing | Theory

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Pathophysiology, Homeostasis and Nursing Routledge Essentials for Nurses

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Education For Patients and Clients (Routledge Essentials for Nurses)

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Resources for Clinicians' Self-Care:

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