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The 7'4" is one of those boards that feels like it has training wheels. Its almost too easy to surf and paddle - after a few sessions, you'd probably be bored with it. You can't duckdive it, so if you're going for that much volume, at least get a noserider so you can walk around a little, yeah?


But the 6'10 is a great board for feeling the pocket and taking some late drops, especially if you're used to a log. And small enough that you can get the feel for the wave, not just the board, and you can chuck it around a bit.

Putting up The Northern Umbrella

Still paddles easy, even for a bigger guy. Thanks Benny1. I actually saw the 7'4" uber quad on craigslist I know it's not a custom board but damn that looks like a good price on the new devolution line.

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I have a Mandala quad fish and KG twinzer fish that I like but I want to try an epoxy quad fish next time. Blue coil has a 6. Maybe I could go a little bigger but I am not sure Maybe I am better off with a 6. Thanks for the feedback. I had the opportunity to speak on the phone directly with Lance Eppard today. Bob Miller has been working on a new lineup of Bluecoil shapes that will be outsourced in Asia. The Bluecoil brand replaces the Cobalt brand which was made in Slovakia. He said the boards will be priced at an affordable level and sold direct to the consumer in an effort to eliminate middleman mark ups.

It sounds like domestic customs will be available through Bluecoil in various levels of material tech and those will be priced higher depending on what you want. Lance said Bob Miller and Dennis Ryder are doing the customs. More on his blog JimV: You seem to like the example of Edison and his trial-and-error approach to discovery.

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Trial-and-error is the result of a certain degree of ignorance on how to obtain a desired result. Edison is always praised for his perseverance. Enormous populations on the order of trillions and hundreds of millions of trillions like E. Whenever a discussion of biological evolution ends up a battle of analogies between Edison and Tesla, you know its straying from the path.

Antievoltionists whether full creationists or the Creationism Lite that is ID have been monumentally unproductive in all relevant fields for a very long time. Behe is just the latest installment of people motivated by a religious desire to doubt natural evolution, but as close inspection of his books reveal, the level of omission far exceeds the direct data discussion, let alone the accounting of it.

But the deck-stacking 3 Card Monte IDers offer so far carries weight only with people predisposed to agreeing with it. What a remarkably lame and evasive response: attack the messenger. But I did not invent the reptile-mammal transition, though as you snarkily noted, I have written a book about it of which I am quite proud, and which content qualified for a solid recommendation by Christine Janis, a paleontologist highly primed to have spotted any inaccuracies in it.

So be the first, pioneer the field, Frank: explain why there were probanognathids, and why an evolutionist Robert Broom was able to predict their exact nature based entirely on evolutionary principles, decades in advance. If designed, was the Designer especially fond of evolutionists to so contrive a fossil record to please them so? Write a book about it all, if you wish. In lieu of that, is this how you avoid dealing with contrary data, Frank? If so, it would be all too consistent with how all antievolutionists manage to sustain their convictions in such obvious defiance of the facts, including the present matter of Mr.

Instinct may not be as dominate in man as it is the animals.

Rick Remender

Yet the evolutionary imprints that have guided hominids for untold thousands of years are tremendously strong, when they are triggered. The last Delapore was several years and thousands of miles removed from the cannibalism practiced by his ancestors. For example, according to the text, years has elapsed since a Delapore last inhabited Exham Priory.

The family estate was last inhabited during the reign of James I, whose rule ended in The rebuilding of the estate was completed in Yet given the right circumstances, Mr. Delapore was scant moments away from indulging in the heinous legacy of his forebears. As soon as it is lights out, he is caught in the act. One unconscious impulse wipes out all reason. Many modern horror stories pose vampires as the predators and humanity, as the herd of prey. Third, some unidentified psychic, psychological, or environmental factor can trigger or reawaken the dormant urge to cannibalism.

So long was the practice among the kin, that the human beings they kept for slaughter, themselves devolved into sub-humans, akin to swine in appearance. I wonder whether the well-read Lovecraft was aware of that fact when he described the fenced in primate herd. The urge to participate in cannibalism was near the psychic surface of the last Delapore, not as conveniently submerged in the racial memory of other human beings. The inner Primal Predator stood posed, ready for release, given the proper moment, or a predominate mood in its surroundings.

However, if cannibalism is latent in all mankind, is it not a curse of the species and not just a function of a literary style? The difference between 2 and 4 surrounds time. In The Lurking Fear , the advent of cannibalism occurs in a span of years. In The Rats in the Wall , the practice of cannibalism spans several centuries.

Again, Lovecraft layered the hints at what caused the transmutation of human being into dog-like, ape-like, or simply human-like cannibals. I would like to present three recent scientific studies that, when combined, suggests humanity might devolve into actual relic primates, to whom cannibalism is an instinctive act, not an egregious-error.

Do we carry, in our genetic or DNA memory, the predisposition to cannibalism inaugurated by the behavior of our earlier ancestors? Recent advances in immediate care can reduce the disability and death caused by strokes. The key factor is immediate intervention.

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The longer it takes to treat a patient experiencing the symptoms of stroke — sudden numbness, sudden confusion, trouble speaking, seeing, hearing, or walking — the more brain cells potentially perish. For example, a popular belief held that the longer hominids — the earliest line of identified human ancestors — had time to evolve, the larger the brain capacity each Darwinian link would develop. However, current research indicates that in the last ten thousand years — a mere nanosecond in deep time — brain mass has actually shrunk.

Brain size has decreased, from a high in Cro-Magnon man of cc to an average of cc in the Homo sapien sapien of today. The findings are consistent, irrespective of race or gender For comparison, both a chimpanzee and orangutan has a brain size of cc, while a macaque has a brain of cc. The article is based on a Chinese study that surveyed over endocasts from the past 7, years Endocasts are molds of brains formed from imprints on the inside of a skull.

By comparing human ancestors from a Neolithic site and modern day humans, the scientists observed that human brains are shriveling.

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At what evolutionary juncture in the past — marked by brain size for our purposes — did mankind begin to practice cannibalism? Cannibalism first appeared among human beings, with Homo antecessor around , years ago In recent centuries, those who participated in the profane practice did so for different reasons. For instance, warriors ate their enemy to acquire their martial prowess. For example, the Aztecs practiced cannibalism in the belief that the rite kept the sun from dying.

The previously-mentioned Donner Party of is a shining example of how the unthinkable became unavoidable. The living family ate the dearly departed to help ensure that their souls went completely to the other side. Homo antecessor routinely prepared its own kind as in item 7 , not because of conflict, but as any other food source. Their primate prey was butchered in a manner similar to deer and other food mammals. The victims were not consumed when food was scarce, but regularly over an extended time, perhaps amounting to centuries.

Recently, science has found evidence that genetic memory exists, that behavior in one generation can influence the behavior and related brain structure in subsequent generations. While the study focused on the roots of phobias, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders from one generation to the next, the findings can be extrapolated to other behaviors, traits, and neuropsychiatric disorders. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rick Remender Remender at a convention on April 27, Archived from the original on August 6, Retrieved August 8, Comic Book Resources.

September 28, Comics Bulletin. Retrieved August 6, Retrieved March 1, Image Comics.

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