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Charmed by the CEO

Sorry, Wrong Number: Suzie B. The fact is that I find leading and being a dominant wife great fun and very much how I think marriage should be organized, but I don't think I have the energy to be dominant full time. This letter, and several like it, are really about the idea that there is a "right" way to be a dominant wife and head of household. There is no such thing. There is only "your" way. In fact, in a marriage where the husband does what he is told, accepts his wife's right to correct him and is sexually compliant all of the essentials of an FLR are in place.

Enforced chastity is merely the cherry on top. In fact, days and even weeks may go by without him having cornertime. The fact he acknowledges my right to use this particular discipline is as important as the discipline itself. At the same time, the writer is underlining a more troubling aspect to her marriage, and frankly, to the marriages of many of the younger people I know. They do not have enough time to really enjoy their marriages whether FLR or vanilla. And the writer, as head of her household is responsible for fixing that with the help of her husband.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

There are a number of things which are time sinks which a clever, dominant, wife will get to work eliminating. First off, screen time. A properly disciplined husband should have a fixed amount of time he is allowed to waste in front of a screen - TV, computer, video game - half an hour a day for non-work related screens is more than enough in my opinion.

You would be astonished at how much time that simple rule will free up. Don't guess at the screen time either. I suggest you keep a couple of delightfully old fashioned wind up timers around the house.

When your husband wants to watch TV or play a video game make sure he has to come to you and ask for his timer. You set it and it will ring when his time is up. Timers are also good for corner time or when you want to give him three minutes to ejaculate. With his newly free time you can have your husband do more around the house.

Spend time with the children, clean up the kitchen after dinner, do the laundry yes, men can be trained not to mix whites with colours. The two of you should also sit down an look at your finances to see where the money is going and how it can be better spent to free up time for you as a couple. I cannot overemphasize how much better a marriage can be with a cleaning lady once a week and a regular babysitter. Yes, that costs money but it will give you both time to actually be with one another. A third strategy is to set a bedtime for your husband.

I like elliot in bed by 10 on weeknights and 11 on the weekends.

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Setting your husband's bedtime is very much an act of wifely dominance. Tell him you expect him in his pajamas or nightie if you require it with his teeth brushed and showered and tucked in ready for his kiss goodnight at 10 on the dot and make a point of giving him that kiss every night. Make sure his bedtime is early enough that it actually changes his schedule. Of course, the nice thing about having your husband in bed at a set hour is that he is available to service you if you are in the mood.

Having a nice, flexible, cane handy and telling your husband to roll over and raise his hips will ensure he knows his place.

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With a regular, early, bedtime, discipline and pleasure will have a place in your day. By making these, small, adjustments a dominant wife can bring a good deal of order into her household and deepen her FLR.

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Best of all, these sorts of simple routines actually reduce the energy it takes to be the head of your household. Being the dominant partner in your marriage should actually take less rather than more energy. Remember, it is your husband's position to love, honour and obey you. As it should be. The fact is that men have the most amazing fetishes and obsessions: Women, on the other hand, while they may enjoy pretty shoes or the wonderfully compressed feeling of a well-fitted corset, do not tend to be sexually interested in "stuff" or particular activities.

Here all the decisions are the wife's and a well-trained husband needs to accept those decisions. He may love latex dresses , she may find them too hot. And, realistically, in a well-run FLR, that is an end to the discussion. Or it may not be. A great deal of the discussion around FLR's revolves around disciplining and punishing submissive husbands as this is the essence of training a man. Spare the rod , spoil the husband and all that.

Which is to miss the other side of the relationship. The prizes, the treats which a clever dominant wife will often use to reward her husband's good behaviour. In even the most conventional, vanilla, relationship wives have long used sexual treats to say "Atta boy" to their husbands. Which is where a particular fetish or obsession may be the perfect reward. After all, if your husband gets terrifically excited by peep-toe shoes, why not slip on a pair and let him worship your feet?

He'll get hot and bothered, you'll have rewarded a job well done without breaking his chastity. It is easy enough to find out if your submissive husband has particular fetishes: Most submissive men will have one or two secret obsessions and the fact they have accepted their submissive position is a strong indication there is more going on.