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PDF Crown Land Owners in Hawaii

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My Turn: Hawaiian lands not stolen

Loading comments Some could not provide the two witnesses needed to prove their use of the land. Some failed to file within the two years required. Some had simply left the land for work in the cities. These were mostly small tracts of land. Ultimately another , acres was purchased by the makaainana.

At the end of the Mahale, chiefs controlled about 1. The Hawaiian government control about 1. King Kamehameha III controlled approximately 1 million acres. The makaainana controlled approximately , acres. When King Kamehameha V died, without a will, his wife claimed these properties. Subsequently, in , the legislator declared these lands inalienable for the benefit of the successors of the Hawaiian crown.

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Hence the name crown lands. Some of the makaainana and chiefs had difficulty holding on to their properties. Land ownership was a new concept for them.

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  6. Many lands owned by the makaainana and chiefs were sold and some lands were lost in foreclosure. Both crown lands and government lands were also sold. Most of the best government lands were sold to native Hawaiians. Yet, over time the bulk of government lands, measured in acreage, was sold and acquired by non-Hawaiians.

    "Who Owns the Crown Lands" by Donovan Preza on Maui 4/20/18

    Just prior to the end of the Monarchy, four out of five land owners were non-Hawaiians, who controlled over 1 million acres. These non-Hawaiians purchased their properties, from the government and the king and did not steal it.

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    With the end of the monarchy, the issue of control over crown lands was twice litigated. Former queen Liliuokalani sued to receive a life estate interest in the crown lands.

    Her claim was denied by the Hawaiian Supreme Court in The U. Among things the Public Land Trust Information System makes easy to view are tenants and the rent they pay for state land or buildings, fees for using submerged lands and even fees for encroaching on public property.

    Hawaii Launches State Land Use Database

    The public can see which agencies own and use state land, and whether the county or federal government owns a property. For private property, owners are identified. Other things noted include easements, county zoning and state land-use classifications. David Ige added in a statement the public land information system is helping state and county workers access information while improving transparency and accountability in government.

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