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Robert Chrisman

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Sneja Gunew. NY: Routledge, Howell, Marcela. Hudson-Weems, Clenora. Simon calls the weakest one for the nomination, allowed them to avoid deciding the crucial question of whether it was right to confirm Judge Thomas's nomination. Many critics of the Democrats' performance also thought they should have asked Judge Thomas whether he had ever seen pornographic films of the kind Ms.

Hill claimed he had insisted on describing to her. Newsweek reported that a newspaper had found records of Judge Thomas's renting such films. Simon insists, however, that the Democrats were right not to enter that territory; Supreme Court nominees should not be expected to discuss their sexual activities and preferences, and it might have set a precedent if Judge Thomas had been asked to do so even in his special circumstances.

Timothy M. Their book, "Capitol Games," is a comprehensive, beautifully written and insightful overview of the whole Clarence Thomas story, from his rise from poverty in Pinpoint, Ga. Much of the account is based on the authors' own research, some of which is published for the first time.