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Thank you for the ice eye, the impish giggle,. This poem brings some of the political undercurrents of the tragedy of Katrina to light. Actually it kind of shoves them into the light. Patricia Smith manages to capture so many unique voices, though they each only get a few lines, and some only get one line.

Some of the voices are bitter 5 , some afraid 20 , some hopeful 17, 30 , and some just sad One of my favorites is Gets harder to remember.

See what they have done,. Afraid of death.

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This whole poem, 34 , is about fear and abandonment and death. It captures the horror of Katrina not by showing the broad action of the hurricane, but by letting the reader hear the individual voices of those who suffered and died. Okay, this poem is just funny.

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Each sibling is so distinct, and the descriptions of them are amusing in the ways they personify the hurricanes. My favorites are these:. This is the absolute perfect poem to end the collection.

It demonstrates the oft seen habit humans have of turning to God in times of trouble. But then the pattern of everyday life kicks in yet again, and enthusiasm for God inevitably wanes.

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Katrina is over, and people will begin rebuilding, but they must always strive to remember what the hurricane cost them: the lives lost, the homes destroyed, the families torn apart. Always remember. Those are my favorite poems from Blood Dazzler. There are so many other poems I could talk about, especially now that we have covered them in class and I understand them better than I did at first. I think that it will, but I have to hope.

In the meantime, there are new books to read and new lessons to learn. View All Archives. Log in No account? Create an account. Tammy crooned country, getting the words all wrong. Vince died before anyone could remember his name. Wilma opened her maw wide, flashing rot. Weather is nothing until it reaches skin, freezes dust, spits its little swords. Kept to oceans, feeding only on salted water, I was a rudderless woman in full tantrum, throwing my body against worlds I wanted.


I never saw harm in lending that aches. All I ever wanted to be was a wet, gorgeous mistake, a reason to crave shelter. Copyright by Patricia Smith. You can order Blood Dazzler here.

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Author photo: Rachel Eliza Griffiths. Patricia Smith.

Morgan Parker Wants You To Read 'Blood Dazzler' By Patricia Smith With Bustle Book Club This July

The eye pushes my rumbling bulk forward, urges me to see what it sees. Siblings Hurricanes, Arlene learned to dance backwards in heels that were too high. None of them talked about Katrina. She was their odd sister, the blood dazzler. Katrina Weather is nothing until it reaches skin, freezes dust, spits its little swords.