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The Rise and Fall of Labor Unions In The U.S.

Part of the reason for this secrecy was due to the hostility of employers to any labor organization during this time period. But this secrecy also added to the allure of the organizations, as well, with its secret handshake, mystical ceremonies, and special symbols. This secrecy inhibited enlarging the organization greatly, however; it wasn't until 3 years after its founding in that a second chapter was founded, and not until that the organization was established outside of the greater Philadelphia area.

To accomplish this, the Oder welcomed all "producers"; meaning everyone but doctors, lawyers, bankers, gamblers, and liquor dealers. Eventually they succumbed to demands by skilled workers, however, and in addition also organized workers by job skill. As the economic recovery of the late s and early s began to lose steam, employers began to attempt to impose wage cuts on workers as they had in the wake of the Depression. Workers, again, attempted to resist these wage cuts, and many walked out on strike.

While most of these strike were defeated, workers organized by the Knights of Labor were largely successful in forcing employers to rescind these wage cuts. This time, Gould was better prepared, and successfully prevailed upon state governments to use the militia to break the strike in a variety of states. As a result, the strike was defeated, and discouraged rail workers began falling away from the organization.

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