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There are also instances of other species being born with two tails.

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Selective breeding has led to the development of two-tailed fish such as the double tail betta and the Fantail goldfish. A two-tailed robin was discovered in in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. In mythology, we find the Kitsune, a fox pictured with up to nine tails, and the Jersey Devil, a creature made from parts of multiple animals ending with a forked tail. It looks like congratulations are in order for that blue-throated keeled lizard of Kosovo. Paul Seaburn December 30, Brett Tingley March 22, Paul Seaburn July 16, I looked closer and it actually was a real clam!

It just had a cushion in it. Sadly the pearl wasn't real. It was still a pillow. I hadn't ever seen Shai so bubbly!

I guess the baby really had changed her. Lagoona and Orabel came in with twenty more shopping bags and pulled out each item. My mom and dad still lived on land but occasionally visited. Seeing my aunts made me miss them. Morgan's mom swam in before I could thank them. We hadn't found out the gender of the baby but Morgan and I wanted to wait.

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I smiled and thanked everyone for the gifts. Morgan and I swam all the things back into the nursery. He was so nervous about the baby. Stop worrying about it," I smiled.

He pecked my check and helped me swim out. I wobbled over to a switch on the wall to drain the water out of the castle. I was craving legs. Everyone slowing got their legs back. I was wearing a black casual dress with white diamonds embroidered at the end. I may had looked good but I did not feel good! Being pregnant without a tail was such a different feeling. It could take weeks to produce a single iteration, which is then tested in China, then shipped over to the UK for more detailed testing. Ten iterations and you have lost 6 months and what do you have to show for it?

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Because we both ourselves and our keyboard partners believed the split contact set up could be made to work, it was beaten again and again. We were highly averse to even contemplate changing our approach to something that may necessitate a board tweak and possible a case tweak. Potentially a very costly exercise, and as the board had not been designed for this approach, we needed to avoid something that looked ill conceived or for lack of a better word, crap. The constant failure of the split contact membranes in all of its forms was taking its toll though, the general mood of the team was fairly sombre and drastic ideas had to be explored.

So in Facebook land, in a keyboard chat group far far way, the idea of extra paths was floated once more.

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This time I decided to approach Henrique with the high level steps required to implement an additional two paths on the keyboard matrix. The plan looked valid and there is a certain degree of fluke that makes it possible with what I would term minimal disruption to the board and zero disruption to the case.

More on that later. J15 Next GPIO was sitting there, unpopulated, and it just happened to have three spare pins which were unassigned.

The Tale of the Tail

The final choice would be determined by the most optimal route for the new two way flex tail connector and its approach direction to J Cost estimates were provided by SMS to be followed up with actuals. The connector type was discussed and a two way flex tail connector was selected. SMS determined that the connector would be soldered at Next assembly time.

Phil was to investigate the routing of the new flex tail connector and ensure that there were no case clearance issues. Another meeting this time with our keyboard partner to describe the proposal and to get them thinking about the new membrane design requirements.

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Also how the new flex tail could be routed out of the membrane to minimise any changes to the case. It was described to them thusly thanks to Allen Albright. The 5-conductor columns are connected to J1. The plan is to replace this with a 7-conductor column with 2 of those columns split from the 5 which would still connect to J1.

Two of these can be taken by the two extra columns. So the solution will involve adding a 2-conductor connector to the 5-wide column conductor coming from the membrane, running a connection from that 2-conductor to J15 where they would be connected to two pins on GPIO J The FPGA core will scan the new 8 x 7 matrix and simulate multiple keypresses for the extra 16 keys in its internal representation of the 8 x 5 matrix presented to the software. Their initial preference was to have three distinct flex tails 5, 8 and 2 going straight out the back of the matrix.

This however would require an extension to the 8 way flex tail slot located on the case itself. They also confirmed that the additional 16 functions could be made to operate exclusively on the two new flex tail paths. This was important for compatibility as I mentioned before.

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This would leave the matrix representing the original Spectrum 40 key arrangement completely intact in its functionality. On a developer board, the two extra pins on J15 are not populated and so no signals would ever be sent over them admittedly there is some DIY potential there for those good with a soldering iron. I just want to mention that at this point in the proceedings, I sensed a huge surge of positivity coming from our keyboard partner. We had all felt mired in a seemingly endless process of revision, failure and bin. Things were now moving more quickly than ever.

Ideas were flowing. This approach is aiming towards the avoidance of changes to the case slot width. Then there is the requirement to shift the additional flex tail to the right to line it up with the required part of J Industrial design is an exact science most of the time.

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When modelling a flex tail connector though, it can be difficult at the CAD stage to reflect accurately the composition of the material, and its geometry in terms of the bend, flex and tension and how it is affected by case elements such as the upper case, or bosses or indeed high sitting components on the board. This helps to inform the design process.

It will behave similarly and will also indicate how this dual flex tail connector would have to be manipulated for it to pass through the case slot.