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He is the director of the short animated films Light and The Cloud , which were shown at many international film festivals. It is snowing.

Lily and her grandfather are making a little bird house to help the birds survive the winter. So she puts one of her mittens at the foot of the tree where they have fastened the bird house. She devotes herself to animation, graphic design, and illustration. The short film The Mitten is her first directorial animated work. Violet lives on a mug in a busy cafe. His life is boring and full of loneliness till he notices a girl on another mug, which changes his life. Absolvoval studia filmu. Mohamad Hosein Azampour is an artist, animator and director.

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He graduated from graphic design and animation directing at the Teheran University of Art. Abbas Jalali Yekta is an animator and director. He graduated in film studies. He works freelance in several professions within the area of film and animation. Thanks to some strange companions, she gradually becomes aware of her strength and skills. Antje Heyn is a German animator, director and illustrator. Her works are inspired in particular by city life and its culture, nature and the world of animals, as well as her travel experiences.

Apart from film, this director is involved in teaching animation at art academies and runs the animation production company Protoplanet Studio. A story about two lovers who are helped by the effort of music and nature and performed by ancient miniatures from the ancient land of Persia. Maryam Farahzadi is an Iranian animator and director. She also works on her own works. What if the words coming from our mouths could turn into living creatures and start making decisions of their own? The word starts traveling along the wires of the city trying to reach its final destination.

Tatiana and Marina Moshkova are twin sisters from Russia who work together in tandem. Both studied drawing at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts and are graduates of the Saint Petersburg State University for Cinema and Television, specializing in animation directing and computer graphics. He calls his father who is reading the newspaper downstairs in the living room.

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To get out of reading him yet another story, he tells his son to try counting sheep. The little boy does as he is told but soon finds himself with a dozen sheep around his bed.

Frits Standaert is a Belgian animator, screenwriter, director and producer who graduated in animation from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. In addition to film directing, he is also engaged in the production of commercials as well as pedagogical activities at the RITS school of arts in Brussels.

The story about the love of two snails who must overcome the pitfalls of the harsh reality that separates them — the road in the middle of the countryside. He has to cross the road to get to his girl. Spolupracoval na produkci filmu Alois Nebel He collaborated on the production of the film Alois Nebel Anthony Wong is an American animator. He worked for Walt Disney studio, where he collaborated on the animation of feature films, as well as for Pixar, where he currently works. A small piglet is going to a school for birds.

Eleonora Veninova is a scriptwriter and director from Macedonia. She graduated in scriptwriting from California State University, Northridge. Her name is also found on the screenplays of several feature films.

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Lucas, an average Singaporean boy, tries to get matters under control. Upon realizing that sincerity comes from the heart, he finally breaks the ice with his neighbor, Angie. Andre draws inspiration from everyday walks of life, because he believes that beauty lies in the details of reality. Abdul earned a degree with honors at Nanyang Technological University. She actively aspires to share the joy and happiness with everyone through her character design and visuals. Soon, they become close friends. He was engaged primarily in 3-D animation of video games and also co-created a number of computer games.

Janette Goodey is an animator, scriptwriter and director. She graduated in design and animation from the Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland. She independently shot the short experimental animated film Rip Drip Tear John Lewis is an animator, screenwriter and director. Suresh Eriyat is an animator, designer and director from India. He graduated from the National Institute of Design then worked for Famous Studios, where he helped create the animation section that he also headed. Later, he founded his own production company Eeksaurus, innovative in the use of animation for advertising, which has successfully created hundreds of commercials for significant partners.

He is also involved in educational activities. A whimsical story about living an impractical life based on a childhood promise.

The poor yet smart trickster Si Lunchai triumphs over the cruel king. An adaptation of an Indonesian legend inspired by the style of the Southeast Asian shadow puppet play Wayang Kulit. Hannes Rall is a filmmaker and illustrator.

He is currently teaching at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Neil Christopher is a screenwriter, director and producer from Canada. The director is the co-founder of the production company Taqqut Productions. Somehow the two friends must find a way to complete the work equally Antonio Padovan is an screenwriter and director. He studied at a film academy in New York City. Alessandro Portincasa is an Italian animator. He graduated in computer graphics.

He currently works in the UK, where he works in the field of video games and commercial animation. An elephant lives in a town among people and works as a street cleaner. One day, he sees a big billboard advertising a bicycle. It seems the perfect size for him!

Olesya Shchukina is a Russian director of animated films settled in France. This time he has to take the soul of a pirate stuck in the middle of the ocean, but that is easier said than done! Dmitri Voloshin is an animator, director and producer from Moldova. He got his start in IT services and 3D graphics at his own company Simpals, which later grew into the largest Moldavian animation studio. Two kids run away from a large wolf. Julia Kolenakova is a deaf visual artist, animator and director from Slovakia.

Klaus Morschheuser is a animator, director, and author of commercials and music videos; he is currently working at his own Studio Soi.

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  4. Johannes Weiland is an animator, director and educator. He works both at Studio Soi and Studioaka in London. Michael Bohnenstingl is an animator and budding director. As three friends come to a forest and beach, two of them turn greedy and one walks away. The two then compete to build the highest building on the beach.

    The third has spent his time settling down in nature on top of a mountain surrounded by a warm and loving family. Peter Hausner is an animator, director and producer. His portfolio includes TV series, short films and commercials. He directed Oswald the Monkey and Hush! Snobar Avani is a versatile artist, animator, director and scriptwriter. Daniel Escobar is a director and animator currently established in North London. He studied art and design at Camberwell College of Arts and graduated in animation from Lincoln University.

    In his work he tries to create interesting short stories on important issues with added emotional depth. He finds inspiration primarily in his own life experience, friends, and music. Somewhere in faraway China in a huge rock forest, lives a shepherd named Jasio on the edge of a cliff with his sheep.

    One day they find themselves stuck far away from home after an earthquake cracks the rock into two separate parts. Jasio would do anything to return home.