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Thank you for bringing this up, Bonnie. I am searching the web for the same reason. My mom had this problem, if she awoke during the night she would not be able to sleep again until the next night. Now I am over 60 and having the same problem. Doctors have told me that whatever part of the brain swells will yield corresponding symptoms. I wish you the best. Hi, I was prescribed Clonazepam for extreme sustained insomnia in during a very stressful period, and continued to use it until August when I weaned myself off from it — the clonazepam was no longer working and appeared to be inducing insomnia rather than helping — I started sleeping better than I had in years, even having dreams again!

Recently, my brother stayed with my husband and I while he suffered through an intense illness. During this time, he consistently needed my assistance during the night — about a week. I am lucky to get 4 hours of sleep per night, typically waking every two hours. Unfortunately, I have paradoxical reactions to many typical sleep aids, Ive tried Melatonin, 5 HTP, tryptophan, teas, Trazadone strung me out! I exercise consistently, I do not eat a late or heavy dinner, coffee is restricted to one cup and an espresso before 10 AM, I keep my bedroom cool and comfortable, I do not drink alcohol to excess, and eat a clean diet.

I have established bedtime routines. Several of my siblings have insomnia, as did my paternal grandmother and my father. I am 61, a woman and at my wits end! Sorry that your insomnia has recurred. The Headspace meditation app has a whole 30 day series to help people improve their sleep, plus a special session for falling back asleep during the night.

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Or you could look into one of the CBT-I online programs. Good luck and hang in there, it is definitely good to avoid benzodiazepines if at all possible. My dr prescribed me primedon pills to stop my my essential hand tremor. Makes me stop my progressing dementia forgetful Thank you doctor and May God you more. Primidone is considered an effective treatment for essential tremor but is not a known treatment for dementia or memory problems. It does tend to cause sedation and can affect balance. I would recommend you discuss the likely benefits and risks with your health provider.

My 88 year old mother moved to a personal care home 4 weeks ago. She has been having a very difficult time sleeping due to nightmares that seem very, very real to her! They are giving her Temazepam 30 mg and Ativan 1 mg with no effect. She is not sleeping, and is exhausted. The lack of sleep is impacting her daily activities, she cannot even feed herself at times.

In your situation, it sounds like these medications are not even helping much in the short term, so I would certainly recommend discussing this with the doctor and asking if another approach can be tried. Thanks, Dr. Kernisan, I had a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep. Unfortunately, it is associated with anxiety, depression, fatigue, worse quality of life, cognitive decline, and a variety of other worse long-term health outcomes.

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Recently, I replaced my old mattress with a new one that I got from an online mattress store. To my surprise, it helped me sleep better and improved my sleep cycles. Yes, for some people changing the mattress or sleep surface can help, especially if they were previously experiencing pain or discomfort with the old mattress. Effect of different mattress designs on promoting sleep quality, pain reduction, and spinal alignment in adults with or without back pain; systematic review of controlled trials.

Can you talk about the implication of decreased slow-wave-sleep on people as we age? And what can we do to increase slow-wave-sleep? Thanks for your kind words about the site. Yes, sleep architecture does change as one gets older. The exact reasons why are still being sorted out by researchers. He is the head of the Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab at UC Berkeley, and has done research specifically on sleep and aging.

If I remember correctly, the decrease in slow-wave sleep seems to be a big part of the reason why memory and learning get worse with normal aging. They are currently researching ways to counter this usual change in sleep architecture and the related cognitive changes. Hi doc, just retired. My daily chores, changed from busy mental work from office into more physical work at wirk as already retired. Does this contribute to my difficulty of getting asleep? Thns, lorie. If you are having difficulty with your sleep, I would recommend bringing this up to your doctor so that you can be evaluated for health issues that might be affecting your sleep.

My father is 74 and suffering from Insomnia. He only sleeps for a hour at a time at night. He is up most of the night. He has a heart condition and is on blood thinners.

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The doctor prescribed sleeping pills for him. Sorry I do not know which ones. However, they are not working. He complains of itching and achy muscles during the night. One night he complained of stomach cramps. I am starting to think the symptoms are associated with the various medications prescribed by the doctor. He can barely talk, not eating well and his cognitive skills are failing. I was thinking about the weighted blanket but he complains about being hot during the night. I also considered hemp seed oil but read about the side affects with blood thinnners.

Our next step is golden milk to see if that will help.

Is there anything else that we can do? It sounds like he needs a comprehensive evaluation for his uncomfortable symptoms, such as the itchy, achy muscles, and stomach issues. His cognitive issues and difficulty talking also sounds concerning, so I would recommend an evaluation specifically for that as well, possibly with a neurologist. The sleeping pills might be making his thinking worse. However, most people experience withdrawal symptoms and distress if sleeping pills are suddenly stopped; they usually get rebound insomnia and can also get irritable, anxious, or even more confused.

Depending on the type of sleeping pill, they can also experience other withdrawal symptoms. I am 81 year old widow who slept well when I was working, but after retirement 15 years ago began waking up around a.

Also, my feet and hands seem to itch when I wake up. I find that time release melatonin works better than anything, although there is still a window when I wake up; however after minutes I usually go back to sleep the time release kicking in? Is this normal? I also have recently been diagnosed with microcolitis and gluten sensitivity, so when I wake up I often need to go to the toilet for loose b.

My problem is that I wake up after about five hours good sleep, need to go to the bathroom, and then find it really hard to get back to sleep. What is the cause of this and how can I change things so that I get to sleep for more of the night? The app Headspace has a package of sleep meditations, including one specifically designed for when you wake up during the night and have difficulty getting back to sleep. You could try something like that and see if it helps. I would also recommend discussing this type of sleep difficulty with your health provider, as they will be in a position to ask more questions and help you correlate this issue to any other health issues you might be experiencing.

It is extremely important to block all light from your sleeping environment. Blackout windows, no cell phone or computer lights, etc.

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When you rise to use the bathroom, use a small flashlight for safety and navigating, do not turn on lights. My long established sleep disorder going to sleep promptly but waking up after two or three hours and being unable to go back to sleep did not improve through CBT for six weeks I kept to a sleep deprivation programme, only being allowed to sleep between midnight and 6am.

In fact this worsened the effect of my sleep problem because I was unable to properly function during the day. Activities like driving felt unsafe. In desperation I tried the Zeez sleep pebble. After two weeks this began to prove effective. I still wake up regularly during the night but am able to go back to sleep. Sorry for your long history of sleeping difficulties. I would recommend seeking out a sleep specialist, they may have additional ideas on how to help you.

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That is: homemade yogurt. I have not tried the industrially produced type, as it usually contains much less beneficial bacteria — some brands contain insignificant amounts of beneficial bacteria —, and usually contains all kinds of added chemicals that may disturb your sleep, and may even affect your health in a negative manner.

Homemade yogurt has a very significant calming effect on the digestive system.